The real mystery is 39 Why was this movie even made 39 There is absolutely no saving grace for this movie and it pretty much sucks in all aspects It w

Gumnaam – The Mystery Movie Review

Gumnaam – The Mystery Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Gumnaam – The Mystery"
Runtime: 2 Hours 17 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 05-12-2008
Genre: Thriller, Mystery
1.5 / 5.0

The real mystery is, ' Why was this movie even made?'. There is absolutely no saving grace for this movie, and it pretty much sucks in all aspects. It was promoted as a thriller, and it is anything but that. It is filled with clichés and the usual Bollywood style twists and turns, which are abundantly found in most of the movies. Plot It has nothing new to offer, revolving around the life of a model; Ria ( Mahima Choudary), who aspires to become an actress. Haven't you heard this storyline before? Add to this, the entry of the Hero ( Dino Morea), who comes to rescue the Damsel in Distress. He is a stunts man by profession. Perfect.

As most of you would have possibly guessed, love blossoms between the two. The apparent twist comes into picture when she goes to Shimla to shoot for a movie with a famous director (Govind Namdeo). There she runs into a run strange woman who lives in a huge mansion. Her name is Remon ( Suman Ranganathan). From there the film tries to add spooky elements and creates an air of suspense involving mysterious sounds and disappearances. The rest of the movie is about deciphering the cause of the trouble and figuring out who the real culprit behind it and agenda behind his/her motives. Analysis Our patience and sanity can be tested by watching this movie that is two hours long. One of the few factors that make the movie tolerant is its songs.

The music is by Shravan Rathod and Nadeem Saifi, and few of the songs are hummable. The cinematography is decent with few picturesque shots of Shimla. The direction by Neeraj Pathak slacks in every aspect and the script is too loose. Despite their efforts, the actors are not able to carry the movie on their shoulders thanks to the sloppy script. Actor Performances Dino Morea as Dev fits the role but doesn't have much to offer. Mahima Choudary looks her role as an upcoming actress but is not too convincing as a vulnerable and distraught woman in the second half. Suman Ranganathan has done a fine job as Remon, and she would have been the saving grace for this movie if she had got more screen space compared to the other two actors.

Verdict Overall there is nothing remotely good about this movie even for a one time watch. If you are going for a cheesy Bollywood flick, with a predictable storyline, then this is the right movie, if not just stay away from it.