Let’s Take A Trip To The Nostalgic Lane Of 90s’ Movies!

Let’s Take A Trip To The Nostalgic Lane Of 90s’ Movies!  Hindi Article

1. Pardes   

Starring SRK and MahimaChaudharyPardes was a big commercial and Musical hit. A.R.Rahman gave music to this movie and he has done a remarkable job. The movie revolves around MahimaChoudhary who has been shown as a girl from the small Indian village. When her father’s friend proposes to get his son married to her, her dad is more than happy. The movie entails the love chemistry between SRK, against all the deadly odds.

2. Border

A war drama movie, Border, got all of us crying when it released in 1997. The script of the movie takes its inspiration for the Longewala Battle that took place in the 1971 Indo-Pak war. Sunny Deol, AkshayeKhanna, Sunil Shetty, and Jackie Shroff starred this movie with a huge number of commendable side-cast. The stories of the different soldiers shown in the movie are inspired by real life events. The love story of one of the Indian soldiers, played Sunil Shetty, is heart-wrenching.

3. Andaaz Apna Apna

Rajkumar Santoshi directed a movie, this one stays in the heart of every die heart Bollywood fan. The two love stories of two best friends meet a hilarious peak when the Crime Master Gogo and Robert enter the screen. Govinda and JuhiChawla have given guest appearances in the movie.

4. Vaastav

Released in 1999, this Bollywood movie falls in the genre of crime drama. Sanjay Dutt has played the role of the protagonist while eminent actors like ReemaLagu and ShivajiSatam (yes, CID!) are in the supporting cast. Again, this movie was inspired by a real-life saga. Guess who? The Mumbai underworld don, ChhotaRajan. Sanjay was even nominated in the Filmfare that year. The sequel, Hathyar, however, did not receive a good response.

5. Ghayal

We cannot forget Sunny Deol’smarvelous performance in this movie where he played the role of a lawyer. More than that, we definitely can’t let ourselves forget the brilliant actor AmrishPuri! The storyline depicted the vigorous fight of the hero with the land mafia villain. It won many awards- National Film Awards being of the highest honor.

6. Dil Hain Ke Manta Nahi

This release of 1991 starred the heartthrob Aamir Khan and the pretty lady Pooja Bhatt. This was her first movie in which she got a lead role. The romantic drama was directed by Mahesh Bhatt and was an instant hit. The music of the movie remained popular for a long time after the release. It was adapted and remade in Tamil and Kannada film industry.

7. Agneepath

No, not the new one. Sigh. I’m talking about the original YashJohar directed movie. You would be surprised to know that when this movie first released in 1990 didn’t receive a worthy response- from both the critics and the audience. However, it has grown to be a cult movie over the years. The movie derives its title from the poem Agneepath written by HarivanshRaiBachchan. The movie has a brilliant cast- Big B, Mithun Da, and Danny Denzogpa- Kaancha. Big B has received a National Film Award for his role in the movie, no questions there.

8. Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa

Anna (Suchitra Krishnamurthy) has ruled over all the 90s hearts! Tale of a music band where a love triangle is formed, SRK received aFilmfare Critics Award for this!

9. Akele Hum Akele Tum

If you’ve missed out on this, go watch it right away! The story is about two lovers who get married, have a son, and then due to differences get caught in the custody battle for the child. Master Adil has played the role of their innocent child who’s very attached to his father, Aamir Khan.

10. Baazigar

Adaptation of the Hollywood movie, A Kiss before Dying, this SRK movie was a major box-office hit. This is the movie that started the sweet series of SRK-Kajol on-screen romance. This is also the first movie in which SRK played an antagonist’s role and bagged the Filmfare for Best Actor category.