Well you would have been eagerly anticipating this SRK-Kajol starrer This movie has the lead pair sharing screen space after 5 years nbsp of My Name Is Khan hi

Dilwale Movie Review

Dilwale Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " Dilwale"
Runtime: 2 Hours 35 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 18-12-2015
3 / 5.0

Well, you would have been eagerly anticipating this SRK-Kajol starrer.This movie has the lead pair sharing screen space after 5 years of My Name Is Khan hitting the screens. One of my friends, who is not quite a movie buff, had asked whether Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol are the lead pair of the movie and are they still running behind the trees in the songs. What am I to say? All I can say is that Bollywood still cashes in on the popularity of the ever-charming SRK and ever-attractive Kajol. But again, the filmmakers should do justice to the younger generation also, right? For that very purpose, Varun Dhawan and Kriti Sanon are added for the “youth element” in the movie.


Shah Rukh is leading a content life with his brother Varun on whom he showers a lot of affection. The two brothers maintain a garage for their living. Shah Rukh has two pals in Mukesh Tiwari and Pankaj Tripathi. These two know about the secret past of King Khan, which the latter doesn’t want to reveal to anyone. There is also the love element of Shah Rukh and Varun Dhawan in the movie.

Star Performances

Shah Rukh, as always has given a topnotch performance but with the poor script what can this talented actor do? He also seems to have yielded to the commercial appeal of the movie. Also, we have seen him fighting and romancing in similar fashion in various movies. Well, this has to be surely told about Kajol..she looks refreshingly beautiful in the movie (is this growing old youthfully?) and matches the acting prowess of Shah Rukh. But as in the case of Shah Rukh, her character is also poorly etched. However, she is at her spontaneous best (which is so typical of her) in this movie. Varun Dhawan has his share of comedies (which will surely be there if a younger brother is there in a Hindi movie) and does his part well. Kriti Sanon has done a decent job. Sanjay Mishra has done full justice to his role. Boman Irani has this time donned the comedy role and has done a neat job. Vinod Khanna is pitiably wasted since he has only limited scope to perform.


There are certain routine elements in the movie that want to showcase that Kajol and SRK are the perfect jodi of Indian movie industry. They show depth in their expressions and do all the stuff that seemed to have made them an endearing pair. 

Dilwale is a typical Rohit Shetty movie. Gripping action scenes (it will be a wonder if these action sequences are not there in a Rohit Shetty movie), the beauty of Goa, the gaudy sets are all there in this mass entertainer. Well, with all these to entertain you where is the work of freshness in the movie? Here, the answer is a strict negative.

What’s there?

1. Cinematography is par excellence and Bulgaria is shown with its full beauty. 
2. The twist in the movie is quite good. 
3. The filmmaker seems to have mainly concentrated on comedy and it has worked well.
4. Music by Pritam is above average and the number Gerua is already rocking the charts. The music complements well with the tempo of the movie. 
5.  There are certain scenes in the movie (watch the movie to find out) that are highly engrossing. 

What’s not there?

1. The storyline is quite confused sometimes.  
2. There is a dearth of originality in the movie. 
3. The big budget that is spent on this movie could have been utilized well. 


If you are accustomed to the routine elements of a typical Bollywood masala movie, then Dilwale is for you. Also, watch it for Shah Rukh and Kajol.