Dudley is an Indian cinematographer who is currently working in Bollywood. Dudley one of the most wanted cinematographers of Indian cinema. He is sought after by numerous directors in the industry. He worked in many Bollywood movies such as ' Golmaal Returns' in 2008 which is comedy, crime, drama movie, 'All the Best: Fun Begins' in 2009, ' Golmaal 3' in 2010, ' Bol Bachchan' in 2012 and ' Singham' in 2011. He has worked with famous Bollywood actor Shahrukh Khan in ' Chennai Express' in 2013, and in ' Dilwale' in 2015. He also worked in 'Singham Return's in 2014 and ' Singh Is Bling' in 2015. Before he made a step in Bollywood movies he started his career as a camera operator in TV serials. Some of the TV serials he worked on were 'Luftthansa Nat Geo Genius' in 2008, 'Nat Geo Genius' in 2008, 'Tryst with Destiny' in 2007 and 'Mumbai Calling' in 2007.

His each film reflects his unique style and treatment. He was born in a poor family, and made a decision to become a cinematographer as a teenager. He started his career in TV serials, and after he had successfully completed his first serial named 'Mumbai Calling' in 2007, he got many opportunities. He got a chance to work in 'Tryst with Destiny' in 2007. It was his second TV serial. His dedication to work did not let him down. He successfully completed the TV serial and got many opportunities in the cinematography field and he made his mark in TV serials. Because of his talent, hard work and dedication, he got more Bollywood movie opportunities. His first Bollywood movie was released in 2008.

A film named 'Golmaal Returns' which is a comedy and crime movie. His cinematography plays an important role in a movie's success. The turning point of his career was in the movie, 'Chennai Express'. If you watch 'Chennai Express', you can see the differences when compared to other movies. The action in the films, car fight scene are shot in real and he developed an extraordinary VFX effects in 'Chennai Express' which enhances the movie and also attracted many audiences. Due to his efforts, he was nominated for Zee cine Award for best cinematography. After 'Chennai Express', he came into the limelight He started to climb the winning ladder with so many hurdles. He became the role model for a numerous number of cinematographers.

Bobby Singh Hindi Actor

Bobby Singh

Bobby Singh- born in the year 1974 was an Indian cinematographer who worked in the Bollywood industry. Mostly famous for his works in Gangster, Life in a Metro, The Dirty Picture, and Queen which were all big Bollywood blockbusters, he was a person with immense potential as directors who hired him appreciated his photographic abilities. His marriage took place with a girl named Radhika who later went on to give birth to a baby boy named ‘Sumer.’ He loved animals so he adopted two pet dogs. Bobby Singh later died due to an asthma attack on December 25, 2012. He was 38. He went to Goa to celebrate Christmas with his family but eventually succumbed to death while on the way to the doctors following an asthma attack. Some people claimed that his death occurred because he ate crabs and it caused him allergy. Such was the attachment of him and his pets that soon after his death, one of the dogs eventually died. Bobby Singh first came into the scene as an assistant cameraman in Raj N Sippy’s ‘Shehzade.’ He also played the role of an assistant cameraman in ‘Sarfarosh’ in the year 1999. The first time when Bobby Singh did his independent cinematography was in the movie ‘Gangster’ directed by Anurag Basu. He worked again with Basu in 2007 in ‘Life in a Metro.’ Later he did some additional photography for Ghajini in 2008. The last project in which he was involved was ‘Queen.’ He almost completed 90% of the work for this project. Before ‘Queen’ he was involved in award winning movie ‘The Dirty Picture.’ After Bobby Singh’s sudden death, people mourned at his tragic loss but out of all the Bollywood industry, the one person who was hurt the most was director Anurag Basu. Anurag later told that “Bobby was one of the closest friends I had. We shared a bond which went way beyond our work. What should I say? I cannot believe he’s gone. I am just hoping its false information and that it will be soon told he’s still with us. Bobby was a very joyful person. We were so close.” Anurag went to Goa as soon as he heard the news. Such a young talented cameraman deserved to deliver more of his beautiful and talented work, but then nobody has a say against the God’s will. Bollywood is thankful for this man’s entertaining work.


Baba Azmi

Sayyid Baba Azmi was born in Mumbai, India. He is a film cinematographer. He was born to Kaifi Azmi and Shaukat Kaifi. His father was a poet and lyricist. His sister Shabana Azmi is an actress. She is married to Javed Akhtar. But Baba Azmi is not as famous as his sister. He began his career in 1970 by assisting his first cousin, Ishan Arya. He worked as a light boy in Telugu films. He worked in 10- 12 Telugu films with his cousin Ishan Arya. Then he decided to go independent. His wife is Tanvi Azmi. She is a film and television actress in India. Baba Azmi’s career as a cinematographer started in the year 1975. He cinematographed the film "Muthyala Muggu" along with Ishan Arya. It was directed by Bapu. In 1982, he cinematographed the film "Bezubaan". It was a Shashi Kapoor film. He cinematographed the film "Who 7 Din" directed by Bapu in 1983. He then cinematographed the film "Lorie", a year later. It was directed by Vijay Talwar. In 1985 he cinematographed the films "Arjun and Pyari Behna". Baba Azmi cinematographed the TV series "Aur Bhi Hain Raahein" in 1986. He then cinematographed films like "Samundar and Mera Dharam" in the same year. He cinematographed Shekhar Kapur's film "Mr. India" in 1987. From the year 1989 to 1991, he cinematographed the TV series "Udaan". In 1989, he cinematographed the film "Prem Pratigyaa", directed by Bapu. He cinematographed Indra Kumar’s film "Dil" in the year in 1990. Aamir Khan and Madhuri Dixit starred in the movie. He also cinematographed the TV series "Maulana Abul Kalam Azad" in the same year. In 1992 Baba Azmi cinematographed the film "Beta". It was directed by Indra Kumar, Anil Kapoor and Madhuri Dixit. He was the DOP (Director of Photography) for the film "Roop ki Rani Choron Ka Raja" in 1993. He also cinematographed the film "Gurudev" in the year 1993. In the year 1995, Baba Azmi cinematographed the film "Prem". It was directed by Satish Kaushik and Sanjay Kapoor, and Tabu starred in the film. He also cinematographed the films "Akele Hum Akele Tum" and "Raja" in the same year. In 1997, he cinematographed the film "Ishq" and in 2000 he cinematographed the film, "Call". In 2002, he cinematographed the film, "Rishtey". It was directed by Indra Kumar and Anil Kapoor, Karishma Kapoor and Shilpa Shetty starred in the movie. He cinematographed the film, "Deadline: Sirf 24 Ghante" in 2006, "Yaariyan" and "Sirf. Life Looks Greener on the Other Side" in 2008. Baba Azmi was the director of photography for the film "Miley-Naa Miley-Hum" in 2011 and for "Chalk N Duster" in 2016.

Baba Azmi Hindi Actor