PLOT Dhol revolves around the story of 4 good for nothing friends who want to achieve everything but aren rsquo t willing to work Whenever they try to do some

Dhol Movie Review

Dhol  Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Dhol"
Runtime: 2 Hours 25 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 14-09-2007
Genre: Comedy
3 / 5.0

PLOT: Dhol revolves around the story of 4 good for nothing friends who want to achieve everything but aren’t willing to work.Whenever they try to do some work, they get it all wrong and end up messing everything.Finally, they decide to marry a rich girl as they thought this to be the only resort to becoming rich.Then comes the lead actress Tanushree Dutta, who comes to live in the neighborhood.The four boys tried to woo her and get her grandparents attention but failed every time.Dhol offers a pinch of thrill too when comes the secret of the mysterious dhol.The movie ends with the boys being chased by thieves and mafia and finally with the revealing of the secret of the hidden Dhol.

Analysis: The movie offers humor while trying to have a story, failing in both of the tasks. It is a watchable movie but has no actually appreciable plot.

Star Performances: Performances wise Sharman Joshi and Rajpal Yadav shone above all the other actors. Kunalkhemmu’s first attempt to a comic role was also appreciated. The one liners by Tusshar Kapoor were also enjoyed. Ompuri as always was at his best. The first half was quite entertaining while the second half seemed a little bit slow but took its place at the end. Priyadarshan once again became successful in spreading his magic by Dhol.

What’s there? A comedy movie with a thriller (not really quite a thrill, just an expression) story. It has a nice item number by Payal Rohatgi. It also has a Dhol.

What’s not there? It doesn’t have a flow in the story. As the expectations might be for a chick flick with some flirting scenes, they too disappoint. It also lacks humor in some parts.

VERDICT: With light-hearted comedy and a pinch of thrill, Dhol is certainly a one-time watch movie.