Plot Inspector Zaid Ahmed Muzammil Ibrahim is called in for a blast of a bomb inside a mall It is believed that the person responsible for this is Sarah Kha

Dhokha Movie Review

Dhokha  Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Dhokha"
Runtime: 1 Hour 57 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 31-08-2007
Genre: Action
3 / 5.0

Plot: Inspector Zaid Ahmed ( Muzammil Ibrahim) is called in for a blast of a bomb inside a mall. It is believed that the person responsible for this is Sarah Khan ( Tulip Joshi), Zaid's wife. This leads to termination of Zaid from the duty. Then soon, one day, Zaid gets a DVD by post from an unknown in which his wife confesses that she was behind the bomb blast. On further investigating the case, Zaid finds out that earlier, Sarah's father had been arrested and beaten as he was a suspect terrorist. He died during this course. The Police destroyed his body and declared that he ran to Pakistan and declared him a terrorist. Sarah was brutally raped by a policeman who forced her grandfather and her brother to sign that they don’t want any investigation into the case. While Sarah and her family were in trauma after such terrifying events, they meet a Maulvi (MunishMakhija) who asks them to join terrorist activities. Followed by Sarah’s death, his brother plans to follow her on the suicide bombing mission. The thrill and action amplify when Zaid tries stopping him from doing so!

Analysis It is a movie with a brilliant story based on the terrorism which also shows the perspective of terrorists. It offers action and drama throughout the runtime without fail. The directive requires a big applaud as he brought out the best from the actors. There were times when things went above the head of the audience, and the audience started losing interest in the movie, but all these feelings were compensated by the thrill and action followed later. The story was well written, but could not be compressed in the two-hour period. The movie involves many plot twists and no second could be missed!

Star Performances: Though the movie doesn’t have many big faces, the performances of the whole cast are appreciable. They give you a proper feel of the scene going into the movie and tend to bind you to your seats.

What’s there? It has action and drama with a brilliant script and an insight on terrorism to open your eyes. It has good cinematography to offer.

What’s Not There? The whole movie seems to be in a rush and doesn’t give a break to the viewer to indulge at the moment. It doesn’t offer any anti-terrorism solution in the end.

Verdict: The movie is a one-time must for those interested in watching an action filled thriller based on the theme of terrorism!