Sowmya Raoh

Other names of Sowmya Raoh: Soumya Rao
Sowmya Raoh was born in the year 1979 in Bangalore, Karnataka. Her mother Sumitra was a singer and she did playback singing and classical. Her father Sudhakar is a banker in Reserve Bank of India. Sowmya learnt music from her early age and she was trained well by her mother Sumitra. From her age of six, she started to learn the classical vocal and became a good singer. But her entry to the cinema industry is not as a singer; but as a voice specialist. During the early 90s, she started singing in South Indian films. Ninne Pelladata was the first movie, which identified Sowmya well. Greek veerudu was the hit song and the film was remade in Tamil and in Tamil the song Greaka Veerano was a super hit. She made her debut as a playback singer in Hindi in the film Pyar Tune Kya Kiya. But she sang in the background track version. Officially, she sang in the Hindi movie, Company, as the playback singer. She has sung many songs in Hindi, Kannada, Tamil and Telugu. She got the Best Female singer Award from Film Fare, for the Kannada movie, Simple Agi Ondh Love Story ‘Love Story’ was a series that was telecast on SAB >> Read More... . Dum, Bunty Aur Babli Click to look into! >> Read More... , Vettaiyadu Vilayadu, Guru, Bheema, Wanted, Vamanan, Aiyaa and Badshaah are some of the hit movies, in which she sang.
Smita Telugu Actress


Singing sensation Smita is the woman with the golden voice who has sung hundreds of songs for Telugu, Kannada, Tamil and Malayalam cinema in all of her lifetime. But most of all, it is as one of the the first pop-singers of telugu that she gained popularity. With a husky-sweet voice, Smita has been recognized for her singing talent right from the time that she was a kid. She won loads of competitions during her childhood. Major recognition came her way when she participated in the TV programme ‘Paduta Teeyaga’ one of the earliest versions of the Indian Idol in Telugu and reached the semi-finals. Smita says that she was disappointed when she lost in the semi-finals of the programme but she need not have been. She was already being recognized by then and got some of her first offers to become a playback singer. However, it was pop that Smita always was inclined to and that’s what led to the release of her first pop album, ‘Hairabba’. It was a huge hit. Later, ‘Masaka masaka’ was another album that she released which went on to get a million copies of it sold.She later continued as a playback singer lending her voice to hundreds of songs after that. Smita still makes her own albums and sings devotional songs as well. Her latest album is Ishana, a compilation of some spiritual songs. Because of her popularity with telugu audiences, Smita has also bagged the role of a villain in the popular Telugu film Malliswari. Aside from being a pop-singer, playback singer and an actor, Smita is also a business woman with her own chain of beauty salons and fitness parlours operating in the city today. The exceptionally talented Smita is an inspiration for many aspiring artists and singers today.