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Anamika Movie Review

Anamika Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " Anamika"
Runtime: 2 Hours 00 Minute
Certificate: UA
Released: 02-05-2008
Genre: Thriller
1.5 / 5.0


Let me grace all of you with a question. What's lousy than a copy? Indeed an awful copy. Rather than remaking the contemporary stuff in its utter brilliance, the director kicks off worse aspects and courageously overthrow the Base that contrived first hand so wonderful. Subsequently, composing an array of plain flops, Anant Mahadevan is back with his just finished venture 'Anamika.' But he has again blundered to woo the showgoers. The movie flashes about nothing, however, a pointless plot burning heads 'tween terror and tension. Anamika winges on the heir of the royal palace in Rajasthan Vikram Singh Sisodiya ( Dino Morea) and his newly wedded wife Jia Rao (MinisshaLamba).Vikram confesses Jia in anticipation that he'd formerly been married to a girl named 'Anamika' (Aarti Chhabria).

Nonetheless, she's dead now, and her death is mysterious. Stunned and cowed by the nobility and the palace's former princess Anamika, Jia makes worthless strives to worth in those circumstances. Jia now commences her campaign to revamp herself as Anamika. KunverVikram dislikes this move of Jia's. Jia is marooned at a turning point of her life when her better half is charged with his ex-wife's murder. Vikram's elder sister's spouse who's ( Gulshan Grover), a police officer, accuses him of the murder. Now, Jia can only rely on Malini (KoenaMitra), the caretaker of the palace. Complexities arise when, Anamika's former flame appears suddenly on the scene out of the blues. The consecutive facts that insist Mrs. Sisodiya to encounter some events and then mystery gets revealed. Star performances: As the lead, Dino Morea couldn't reach the expectations of the crowd. Dino Morea didn't has that level of maturity. His Expressionless face throughout the act gives a dull end to the movie. Minissha Lamba does good, best suited according to her role. Acting is not forte of KoenaMitra. Gulshan Grover is compelling.

What's not in the movie?

1. Twists are so patent that even kids could detect it; twists could have been better.

2. The story lacks sentiments and sincerity.

3. The movie lacks the content, not pointedly written.

What's in the movie?

1. The background is worth mentioning because it's awesome.

2. The movie has the best styling. Admirable work.

3. Anumalik's music is pleasant but mind you! Only music.


To be honest, Watching the original is a much better option because Anamika is a lousy kind of horror tale. Stay away!