Top 10 Strippers In Bollywood

Top 10 Strippers In Bollywood Hindi Article

1. For a listing that started out with Desi Boyz Click to look into! >> Read More... Desi Boyz , it creates perfect sense to quit it with Bombay Boys – the movie that first brought male strip tease to Hindi cinema. Kaizad Gustad’s film had Naveen Andrews,Rahul Bose and Alexander Gifford undressing for some Mumbai aunties to make few money.

2. The ravishing RaveenaTandon was the only who delivered striptease in the pole-dance putting to Bollywood. Stripping to a sexy pink pinnacle from her formal clothing, she takes the ‘reputable’ identity for the club striptease along with her ‘Yeh Raat’ from the film Aks.


3. These days there is a distinctive striptease act in every flick. I Click to look into! >> Read More... I f your idea strip teases on display are handiest a cutting-edge-day phenomenon, its time you pass returned to the 70s while Padma Khanna Padma Khanna is a renowned Indian actress and dire >> Read More... Padma Khanna seduced baddie Prem Nath Peshawar was where Prem Nath hailed from. Post-par >> Read More... Prem Nath with the scorching number Husn Ke Lakhon Rang. This typical climax placing inside the villain’s den changed into a huge hit wide variety in Dev Anand’s Johnny Mera Naam.


4. The film Murder 2 unwrapped with Yana Gupta Yana Gupta, previously addressed as Jana Synkova, >> Read More... Yana Gupta undressing to the beat of ‘Aa Zara Kareeb Aa’ within the identity credit itself, giving the movie a steamy begin. Superb horny!


5. Sherlyn Chopra Sherlyn Chopra is a renowned Bollywood actress, wh >> Read More... Sherlyn Chopra isn’t among those who would turn away. In this photograph-shoot video, she starts completely and adequately clothed and strips off every sartorial from her frame till the camera catches her in only her undies.

6. Poonam Pandey Poonam Pandey is a film actress from Bollywood and >> Read More... Poonam Pandey made a profession out of her claims that she could strip nude if the Indian cricket crew wins the sector cup. Even as she was not given granted permission to go naked, she confirmed us what she could in this horny hot video.

7. The alternative Katrina within the enterprise appears to have accompanied ’s act in her Hindi movie debut. In this elegant floor show from Bhindi Bazaar Inc., she makes a complete striptease in the ‘TaanKe Seena’ variety.

8. Nicely many heroines have resorted to skin-show early of their profession and now days leading actress Katrina Kaif is no exclusion. In this act of the film, she seduces as she strips to her underclothing.

9. Lots before or John Abraham Like some of our sexy stars, John Abraham has had >> Read More... John Abraham even notion of playing strippers, Ranbir Kapoor Ranbir Kapoor is a noted Indian film actor. He was >> Read More... Ranbir Kapoor had finished the act even as execution a seductive pole dance to the ‘I’m a Disco Dancer Click to look into! >> Read More... Disco Dancer ’ at a gay bar in the movie Anjaana Anjaani Click to look into! >> Read More... Anjaana Anjaani .

10. Akshay and John act as male strippers in their film Desi Boyz, the two-sport a glimpse of their onscreen antics at the track release of the movie using doing a striptease act.