Angel is a love story that ios nbsp something different in Bollywood slang Plot Abhay NileshSahay shows off communal rules unconscious of his acts After

Angel Movie Review

Angel Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Angel"
Runtime: 2 Hours 01 Minute
Certificate: UA
Released: 04-02-2011
Genre: Drama
2 / 5.0

Angel is a love story that ios something different in Bollywood slang.


Abhay ( NileshSahay) shows off communal rules, unconscious of his acts. After his pronouncement that he had to suffer for killing a man, Abhay decides to go to the family of the innocent man and apologize for his brutal act. When he reaches there, he finds a couple and a physically challenged sister, Sonal. Sonal suffers from cerebral palsy. Attracted towards Sonal Abhay leaves behind his phone number. 
One night Sonal calls up Abhay and slowly a friendship is built. One fine night Sonal's brother finds Sonal and Abhay making love and gets him arrested accusing of raping her.

Star performances

Both Madalsa and Nilesh try their best to do justice to their roles and make a convincing attempt. Aroona Irani, Kishori Shahane Vj, and Rakhi Vijan have a low scope. Manoj Joshi is too loud.


After so many movies depicting various disorders and diseases, Ganesh Acharya Ganesh Acharya is an Indian choreographer, who is >> Read More... now talks about Cerebral Palsy. Angel goes into the unceremonious zone, showing a love story between a communal beatnik and a lady fighting against Cerebral Palsy.

Some say that Angel is more like Guzarish. No, it's not. The solidity is that Angel mooches a lot from a South Korean movie, Oasis, by Lee Chang Dong. Although Oasis is a movie that stays in mind for a long time, Angel fails to have that impact.

Ganesh Acharya could not flourish the emotional moments in the movie. The writing of the movie drags it down; thus, Angel could not come up with an alluring human drama.

What's there?

1.The cinematography of the film is good.
2.The story is very compelling, and the climax takes the praises as at the end. 

What's not there?

 1.The songs in the movie are not properly placed. They come up in between from nowhere.
 2. Dialogues of the movie are below average.


On the whole, the story of the movie is nice, but it is not executed well.