Agent Vinod is an action spy film starring the most popular Jodi of real-time couple Saif Ali Khan and Kareena Kapoor popularly known as Saifeena. This is a r

Agent Vinod Movie Review

Agent Vinod Movie Review Hindi
Review for the film " Agent Vinod"
Runtime: 2 Hours 37 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 23-03-2012
2.75 / 5.0

Agent Vinod Click to look into! >> Read More... Agent Vinod is an action spy film starring the most popular Jodi of real-time couple and Kareena Kapoor popularly known as “Saifeena.” This is a regular action spy affair of a spy who travels to another country to find and eliminate a hideous plan.


After his colleague is murdered somewhere in Russia, Agent Vinod (Saif Ali Khan) goes on to find about how his pal got killed. And an only message he left behind is ‘242’, now to discover what ‘242’ is, Our hero reaches Russia and lands in a pub and commences his investigation, questioning Don Abu Nazer( Ram Kapoor Ram Kapoor is an acclaimed and renowned television >> Read More... Ram Kapoor ) who asks him to interrogate David Kazan ( Prem Chopra Prem Chopra is a legend of Hindi cinema and he has >> Read More... Prem Chopra ) instead.

Troubles commence for Vinod as he is captured by Kazan and is interrogated by him and a Pakistani spy Iram (Kareena Kapoor) using a truth serum though he reveals the truth but confuses the two subsequently. Now, still on the hunting for the mysterious ‘242’, Agent Vinod comes face to face again with Iram and discovers she was involved in London bombings, but still reluctantly works with her to unearth ‘242.'

Soon after a series of topsy-turvy events he finds out that ‘242’ is a nuclear bomb and being aimed at India and it would be activated by a chip inside a book that Kazan bought in an auction. The rest of the story is how Vinod gets hold of the bomb and does what he has to do, Saving his beloved nation, plus an interesting conclusion with Iram.


This movie is good when it comes to action-packed scenes loaded with satisfying screenplay and an editing of scenes where emotions could have been excessive, plus cinematography is applaudable. The two main leads managed a lot of action scenes which forms a sort of bonding in between them, and the audience enjoys that as well.


Saif Ali Khan with his usual Mannerly approach towards acting fits into the role of an agent, Kareena supports him well and adds a flavor of glamor and beauty in it, plus the acts by other supporting actors including Ram Kapoor and the decorated villain of Bollywood that is Prem Chopra are also worth watching.


1. Action scenes are nice and thrilling.

2. Jodi of Saif and Kareena whose chemistry would bind you to the seats.

3. Locations are well shot and given time while exploring the movie.


1. The stale concept of a spy could have been much better.

2. The story deviates at one point and seems confusing.

3. Copious amount of chemistry looks overdone sometimes.


This movie is for the fans of Saif and Kareena and probably a bit for the movie that could have fared well regarding binding the whole characters with the story. A one-time watch in my opinion.