Cast The cast includes Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Olsen, Boyd Holbrook, Demi Moore, Richard Dreyfuss. Plot School companions Lily and Gerri spend their last N

Very Good Girls Movie Review

Very Good Girls Movie Review English
Review for the film " Very Good Girls"
Runtime: 2 Hours 00 Minute
Certificate: UA
Released: 24-07-2014
Genre: Drama
3.9 / 5.0




The cast includes Dakota Fanning The gorgeous 5 feet 4 inches 21 years old Hannah D >> Read More... Dakota Fanning , Elizabeth Olsen Born in Sherman Oaks, a city in California on Febr >> Read More... Elizabeth Olsen , Boyd Holbrook Boyd Holbrook, whose full name is Robert Boyd Holb >> Read More... Boyd Holbrook , Demi Moore From utmost paid actress to social rights activist >> Read More... Demi Moore , Richard Dreyfuss.


School companions Lily and Gerri spend their last New York Click to look into! >> Read More... New York summer together. On Brighton Beach, they keep running into David, an alluring person offering frozen yogurt. After a clumsy discussion, they move away, and David takes a photo of Lily from the back. Lily observes her dad kissing another lady in the workplace. The young ladies are awkward to be 'the last ones' and pledge to lose their virginity before leaving for college. As Lily strolls to fill in as a watercraft visit control in Manhattan, David watches from a separation. Lily goes to the shoreline to see David. He asks her out, and she reluctantly gives him her address. Lily's mom finds out about her dad's undertaking and requests that he take off. Lily would incline toward him to remain as she doesn't need the family to separate. She hangs out with David. They kissed, yet David sends her away. Gerri welcomes David to an open mic night where she sings a melody that she composed for David; however, David grasps Lily's hand and holds it under the table. Lily's manager plays with her, offering lucrative night shifts. The next morning Lily keeps running into her dad who apologizes for his issue and requests that she eat with him, yet she declines. David sneaks in through the washroom window as Lily cleans up. They have intercourse, circumvent the city posting David's craft and taking pictures of themselves. Later at night Lily calls her mom and discovers that Gerri's dad kicked the bucket after abruptly crumbling in the tram.

She leaves David to be with Gerri. Gerri is in lose hope, understanding her life will never be the same. Feeling regretful, Lily rejects David's endeavors to meet once more. When he goes up against her, she rebukes him at that point requests that he get together with Gerri. David consents. At the point when Gerri separates and requests that he have intercourse with her, he comforts her, and they kiss. At her dad's dedication benefit, Gerri trusts to Lily that she lost her virginity to David. Lily is vexed and goes to see her supervisor. They kiss and begin making out on the visit; however, Lily flees. She goes up against David about engaging in sexual relations with Gerri. Seeing him confounded, Lily lies that she too engaged in sexual relations with her manager, at that point clears out. The following day, Lily discovers her folks cooking in the kitchen, and is vexed to learn they are back together. David shows up and asserts he didn't lay down with Gerri, requesting that Lily reveals to Gerri reality about their undertaking. Lily storms off, overlooking him. Gerri discloses to Lily that David is leaving for Paris. Lily goes to David and concedes she didn't lay down with her manager. David thinks Lily is excessively ruined and cautions her, making it impossible to quit controlling Other individuals' sentiments. As Lily leaves, Gerri stands up to her, having caught their discussion. Lily offers some kind of reparation with her dad, trusting in him about her issue. As she is going to leave for Yale, Gerri comes over with a photo of Lily which David sent her to ensure the young ladies meet each other. Gerri entirely laid down with David since he guaranteed to be enamored with another person. The two patch up and wind up moving in their bra and underwear while the sprinklers go ahead.

Star Performance

The photo has thrown skilled performing artists like Dakota Fanning, Elizabeth Olsen who are the spotlight of the film.


Naomi Foner has thought of the story that goes ahead in the life of adolescents today and how they wind up overexcited about it. The idea is noteworthy.

What's there?

1. A solid idea and genuine issues looked by the adolescent today.

2. Talented star cast and their execution.

What's not there?

1. There is a drawback in each film yet, the story portrayal covers everything.

2. Music could be all the more relieving and enjoyable.


A full amusement and a comment for the understudies and youngsters today. So watch it, folks.