The movie We Can Be Heroes was directed by Robert Rodriguez and produced by Racer Rodriguez and Robert Rodriguez. The film s writers are Robert Rodriguez, Sar

We Can Be Heroes Movie Review

We Can Be Heroes Movie Review English Movie Review
By nettv4u.com
Review for the film " We Can Be Heroes"
Streaming On: Netflix
Runtime: 1 Hour 40 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 25-12-2020
3.25 / 5.0



  • Producer:
  • Ben Ormand
  • Costume Designer:
  • Peter Daulton
  • Art Director:
  • Paul Alix
  • Sound Designer:
  • Clark Crawford
  • Director of Photography:
  • Stunt Director:
  • Johnny Alexander
  • Kelli Barksdale
  • Associate Producer:
  • Tom Proper
  • Casting Director:
  • Mary Vernieu
  • Michelle Wade Byrd
  • Animator:
  • Jazmin Evans
  • Still Photographer:
  • Rico Torres
  • Sound Re-recording Mixer:
  • Brad Engleking
  • Visual Effects Supervisor:
  • Yabin Morales
  • Unit Production Manager:
  • Korey Budd
  • Screenplay Writer:
  • Story Writer:
  • Script Supervisor:
  • Monika Petrillo
  • Grip:
  • Michael Gillespie
  • Foley Artist:
  • Steve Baine
  • Set Decorator:
  • Jennifer Long
  • Bart Brown
  • Casting Associate:
  • Stacey Rice
  • Costume Assistant:
  • Amy Maner
  • Location Manager:
  • John P. Crowley
  • Makeup Artist:
  • Hannah Handshy
  • Hair Stylist:
  • Chelsey Fiske
  • Special Effects Technician:
  • Nickolos Howard
  • Stunt Double:
  • Cody Mackie
  • Mandy Kowalski
  • Digital Compositor:
  • Adrian Alanis
  • Camera Operator:
  • Sebastian Vega
  • Electrician:
  • John Alcera
  • Set Dresser:
  • Bryan N Blanton
  • Colorist:
  • George Chavez
  • Boom Operator:
  • Tom Sturgis
  • Prop Master:
  • Amanda Crockett
  • Freddy Luis
  • Sound Editor:
  • Tim Rakoczy
  • Assistant Cameraman:
  • Robert Rendon
  • Lighting Technician:
  • Mike Spicer
  • Production Supervisor:
  • Loren Brock
  • First Assistant Editor:
  • Jay Mahavier
  • Brian Bettwy
  • Costume Supervisor:
  • Mirin Soliz
  • Set Designer:
  • Jack Colmenero
  • Unit Costumer:
  • Shell Bauman
  • Celina Ferencz
  • Conductor:
  • Johannes Vogel
  • Second Assistant Editor:
  • Linda Brachman
  • Music Producer:
  • Carl Thiel
  • Supporting Actors:
  • Jamie Perez
  • Lotus Blossom
  • Nathan Blair
  • Rachel Specter
  • Rob Franco
  • Sung Kang
  • Taylor Dooley
  • Tristan Riggs
  • Vivien Lyra Blair
  • Wayne Pere
  • YaYa Gosselin
  • Isaiah Russell Bailey
  • Haley Reinhart
  • Priyanka Chopra Jonas
  • Adriana Barraza
  • Akira Akbar
  • Andy Walken
  • Arlene Cavazos
  • Boyd Holbrook
  • Brittany Perry Russell
  • Christian Slater
  • Christopher McDonald
  • Hala Finley
  • Pedro Pascal

The movie “We Can Be Heroes” was directed by Robert Rodriguez Robert Rodriguez, whose full name is Robert Anthon >> Read More... Robert Rodriguez and produced by Racer Rodriguez and Robert Rodriguez. The film’s writers are Robert Rodriguez, Sara Endsley, and Dan Foos. The film features YaYa Gosselin, Pedro Pascal Pedro Pascal is a renowned Chilean actor. He was b >> Read More... Pedro Pascal , Priyanka Chopra Jonas, Lyon Daniels, Andy Walken, Hala Finley, Lotus Blossom, Dylan Henry Lau, Andrew Diaz, Isaiah Russell-Bailey, Akira Akbar, Nathan Blair, Vivien Lyra Blair, Adriana Barazza, Boyd Holbrook Boyd Holbrook, whose full name is Robert Boyd Holb >> Read More... Boyd Holbrook , Christian Slater He joined the ranks with Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt >> Read More... Christian Slater , J.J. Dashnaw, and Taylor Dooley. Rebel Rodriguez composed the music used in the film. The film’s cinematographer and editor was Robert Rodriguez.


The film follows Missy Moreno, played by YaYa Gosselin, daughter of heroic Marcus Moreno. When Marcus is called upon to help the other heroes, Missy is sent to a safe institution where she meets other heroics’ children. They watch the battle between their parents and the aliens, and see their parents lose the battle. Missy discovers that one of the children Ojo makes drawings that predict the future. When a drawing shows the aliens breaking into the vault where they are kept, the children decide to escape. When they discover that their caretaker Ms. Grenada, played by Priyanka Chopra Jonas is a part of the alien army and they are preparing for a takeover, they decide to take matter into their own hands. The film follows the heroics’ children as they discover their powers and learn how to use them in order to save their parents and Earth from the aliens.   

Star Performance 

YaYa Gosselin and the other child actors give spectacular performances. Pedro Pascal and Adriana Barazza also deliver good performances.


The film maintains the charms “The Adventures of Sharkboy And Lavagirl” and “The Spy Kids” film had. The direction is top-notch. The story and action are also good.  

What’s There?

• The child actors perform very well

• The plot and the action scenes are good

• The film would be good for watching with children

What’s Not There?

• The CGI are not on par with other superhero films

• The story might not be entertaining enough for adults


The film would be good for viewing with family, especially with children. The film has action and comedy. The performances are good but the CGI is mediocre and the story might be boring for adults.