Plot Jimmy Callahan gives best man therapy and services through The Best Man Inc for folks who don 39 t have the companions vital for a wedding Doug Harris

The Wedding Ringer Movie Review

The Wedding Ringer Movie Review English
Review for the film " The Wedding Ringer"
Runtime: 1 Hour 41 Minutes
Certificate: A
Released: 14-01-2015
Genre: Action, Romance
2.5 / 5.0



Jimmy Callahan gives best man therapy and services, through The Best Man Inc., for folks who don't have the companions vital for a wedding. Doug Harris, a sincere lawyer, and his life partner Gretchen Palmer are getting ready for their big day. Jimmy makes three of his companions as groomsmen. Doug discloses to Gretchen that Bic has come from all the way to El Salvador for the wedding. Gretchen demands that Bic goes to a family lunch. Doug discloses to Jimmy that he should go about as a military cleric. Doug meets his groomsmen Plunkett, Rambis, Garvey, Alzado, Drysdale, Carew, and Dickerson. Jimmy makes arrangement for Doug and the groomsmen for photoshoots that includes fun adventurous games like skydiving, scuba-jumping, running a marathon. To demonstrate how great he is under the most favorable conditions, Jimmy takes Doug to a wedding where the best man makes an unpleasant speech. Jimmy along with all the friends make a plan to bring the literal face of Gretchen in front of Doug.  At the wedding gathering, Jimmy praises Gretchen, who shouts that the wedding is a catastrophe because the zipper on her dress gets torn, her grandma has severe singeing, her father's knee gets smothered, the arrangement of food is awful, and she isn't wedding the man she cherishes. Doug pays Jimmy his charge, and they acknowledge each other's kinship. Gretchen is angry that her wedding gets destroyed. Ed's school companions solve their issues with Doug and Jimmy and reveal to them they were great players. Jimmy gets a date with Gretchen's sister, Allison. As they leave, Jimmy has a thought. They trade out Doug's top-notch special night tickets to Tahiti.

Star Performance
A worth praising performance put up by all the co-stars.

Jeremy Garelick has put an excellent thought entirely different from the movies what we have seen so far, and his work is recommendable.

What's There? 

  • Hard work of the star cast.
  • A romantic action presented in unique concept and manner.

What's Not There? 

  • Effects and portrayal could be all the better. 

It is fun to watch such movies that have the combination of humor and action. So guys, don’t miss it out.