The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi is directed by Swati Bhise. The movie has Devika Bhise, Jodhi May, Rupert Everett, Derek Jacobi, Arif Zakariya, Ajinkya Deo, Ben Lam

The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi Movie Review

The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi Movie Review Hindi Movie Review
Review for the film " The Warrior Queen Of Jhansi"
Runtime: 1 Hour 42 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 29-11-2019
2.5 / 5.0



  • Producer:
  • Music Director:
  • Tuomas Kantelinen
  • Editor:
  • Oral Norrie Ottey
  • Anuradha Singh
  • Director:
  • Movie-Actress:
  • Costume Designer:
  • Riyaz Ali Merchant
  • Swati Bhise
  • Art Director:
  • Sameer Vidhate
  • Caroline Story
  • Aziz Rafiq
  • Sound Designer:
  • Andy Kennedy
  • First Assistant Director:
  • Terry Bamber
  • Second Assistant Director:
  • Rajan Rajkhowa
  • Co-Producer:
  • Charles Salmon
  • Robin Yan
  • Director of Photography:
  • Seamus Deasy
  • Executive Producer:
  • Line Producer:
  • Ahmed Abounouom
  • Associate Producer:
  • Nick Robinson
  • Judy Caleb
  • Assistant Director:
  • Oliver Brown
  • Casting Director:
  • Honey Trehan
  • John Hubbard
  • Ros Hubbard
  • Associate Art Director:
  • Rohit Rajan
  • Distributor:
  • Roadside Attractions
  • Sound Effects Editor:
  • Saoirse Christopherson
  • Sound Re-recording Mixer:
  • Lee Walpole
  • Martin Jensen
  • Visual Effects Supervisor:
  • Nicholas Bennett
  • Justin Cornish
  • Barney Curnow
  • Tim Chauncey
  • Screenplay Writer:
  • Gaffer:
  • Patrick Bramucci
  • Driss Marzak
  • Foley Artist:
  • Anna Wright
  • Production Designer:
  • Set Decorator:
  • Samiri Menouer
  • Makeup Artist:
  • Nezha Aouis
  • Rupesh Bhosale
  • Hair Stylist:
  • Shilpa Bhapkar
  • Special Effects Coordinator:
  • Manish Tyagi
  • Mohamed Ali Aqermim
  • Stefano Corrdori
  • Stunt Coordinator:
  • Faycal Attougui
  • Sunil Rodrigues
  • Amrit Pal Singh
  • Stunt Performer:
  • Brahim Boukhizzou
  • Younes Afroukh
  • Abdelaaziz Attougui
  • Benoit Fabre
  • Digital Compositor:
  • Caroline Delgado
  • Brett Bone
  • Compositor:
  • Jagdeep Saggu
  • Visual Effects Artist:
  • Karl Kuehn
  • Suhail Hyder Siddique
  • Set Dresser:
  • Azeddine Abounouom
  • Zahir Redouane
  • Makeup Supervisor:
  • Gaurav Chauhan
  • Sound Mixer:
  • Boom Operator:
  • Shaikh Gulam Hussain
  • Brahim Ait Belkas
  • Prop Master:
  • Ouassel Elkilali
  • Varunn Kumaar
  • Assistant Art Director:
  • Mohamed El Barj
  • Graphic Designer:
  • Joshua Douglas Bagley
  • Supporting Actors:
  • Nagesh Bhonsle
  • Nathaniel Parker
  • Omar Malik
  • R Bhakti Klein
  • Ramesh Sadrani
  • Naina Sareen
  • Terry Bamber
  • Tony Honickberg
  • Usha Shree
  • Yatin Karyekar
  • Milind Gunaji
  • Mihai Iliescu
  • Michael Orford
  • Rupert Everett
  • Ajinkya Deo
  • Altaf Khan
  • Arif Zakaria
  • Arush Nand
  • Ben Lamb
  • Deepal Doshi
  • Derek Jacobi
  • Glenn Webster
  • Martin Sims
  • Martyn Mayger
  • Jodhi May
  • Key Grip:
  • Sanjay Sami
  • Hassan Hajhouj

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The movie is about Rani Lakshmi Bai, the Queen of Jhansi and how she opposed the East India Company.

Star Performance

Ajinkya Deo, Rupert Everett, Derek Jacobi, Ben Lamb and Nathaniel Parker had done their job perfectly. Devika, who portrayed the Queen of Jhansi, had tried her best. But, many a time, she was seen out of her character. However, she impressed while speaking emotional dialogues and at the same time, some of the action scenes didn't impress.


Swati had made a severe attempt to tell the real-life story of the Queen of Jhansi. Although it is an honest attempt, certain scenes are not gripping. some of the scenes that should have portrayed the Queen Lakshmi Bai as a bold Hero had lost the grip. The stars are perfect in their roles. Devika should have concentrated a bit more in action sequences like in the dialogue portions.

What's There?

  • Good attempt by Swati and team
  • Performance of the stars are quite decent

What's Not There?

  • Some important scenes had lost the grip
  • Action scenes should have been better


For the sincere effort of Swati and team the movie could definitely be watchable once.