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Hindi Supporting Actress Auroshika Dey
  • Gender : Female

Auroshikha is an Indian Actress whose way of thinking is to keep the strategy natural yet unconstrained - carrying out multi-layered characters with complex feelings. An enthusiastic fan of new-wave, expressionism and cutting edge style, she draws her imaginative upgrade from a wide assortment of subjects including history, culture, governmental issues, writing and the majority of all - individuals! She owes this to her place of graduation - the esteemed Film and Television Institute of India (Pune) where she got prepared in the 'specialty of acting' by industry's best entertainers and achieved veterans.

However, her voyage as a craftsman began much previously. Destined to a finished armed force colonel and a creatively talented mother, she has been brought up in 'yin-yang' before her lord devotion, center and relentless responsibility - pair with enthusiasm, inventiveness and creative mind.

Her energetic enthusiasm for wellness has kept her connected with experience sports, long-distance race, swimming, and all the more as of late Zumba! Furthermore, her inventive interests kept her occupied while rehearsing the traditional move structure, Kathak with further expansions to contemporary and free-form. As an on-screen character, she is pleased with performing with probably the most perceived innovative influencers and however inciting craftsmen of our occasions.

She has kept on pushing her showy breaking points through numerous effective multi-social creations covering films, TV, theater and advanced mediums. Her collection of work incorporates full-length highlights like 'Charlie Kay Chakkar Mein,' 'NH-8: Road to Nidhivan,' 'Myoho,' ' Prem Mayee' 'Haat - The Weekly Bazaar,' Shorts like 'Salaam,' 'Ek Jevani,' 'Purposes of Origin,' alongside various documentaries and ads for global combinations.

Ready to chat immaculately in English, Hindi, and Bengali, she has done work in Urdu, Punjabi, Malayalam and Marathi conditions also. She supposes profound discussion are lifelines, other than barbecued fish and a glass of Cabernet.


Born: 4 March 1922

Lived For 79 Years

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