Robert Zemickis rsquo 3d venture The Walk is indeed a mind-boggling feat The Walk this is indeed a tightrope walk for Robert Zemickis and he has come out in

The Walk Movie Review

The Walk Movie Review English
Review for the film " The Walk"
Runtime: 2 Hours 03 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 09-10-2015
Genre: Drama, Biography
4 / 5.0



Robert Zemickis’ 3d venture The Walk is indeed a mind-boggling feat. The Walk; this is indeed a tightrope walk for Robert Zemickis, and he has come out in flying colors.

French man Philippe Petit’s walk in a wire to cross two buildings during 1974 is beautifully animated in this film, that too with the help of 3D. Robert Zemeckis, with the bright dream of making the biography into a film, has succeeded. The two buildings have become the symbol of terror, but Robert has transformed Petit’s stunts, which is totally against law, into a fitting retort to the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Plot: Petit and his fellow conspirators carry out surveillance of the building from whatever angle they can get and you silently feel that they will not succeed. But the way Robert infuses life into the buildings is indeed commendable.

Gordon-Levitt has come out with a stellar performance and he should be appreciated for carrying out his role with great ease. As the role demands, he gives a physical accuracy as the man who has the idea of walking in a cable without any safety net. However, he has a high French accent and the audience should get used to this. When you take cues from reality technology is often at its best. This is a cinematic experience audience would have witnessed rarely. The buildings had a short life but Robert makes it look long by his impeccable presentation.

In the technical front, everyone has done a splendid job. The 3d-effect is at its best and you can only be awestruck of the scene when the pole falls from the hands of Petit and gives a great 3d-effect. Watch it to feel it. The wire walking is for 17 minutes and it is sincerely simulating just like the ship that drowns in Titanic.

Verdict: You feel excited when Petit walks...and that’s where the success of the film lies.