The American movie Morning Glory hit the screens in 2010 The movie falls into the category of comedy Roger Michell directed the movie Aline Brosh McKenna dev

Morning Glory Movie Review

Morning Glory Movie Review English
Review for the film " Morning Glory"
Runtime: 1 Hour 47 Minutes
Certificate: UA
Released: 10-11-2010
Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance
3.25 / 5.0



The American movie Morning Glory hit the screens in 2010. The movie falls into the category of comedy. Roger Michell directed the movie. Aline Brosh McKenna developed the screenplay. The movie has important actors like Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and an ensemble cast in it. Rachel McAdams has done the role of Becky Fuller and Harrison Ford has done the role of anchor Mike Pomeroy. Diane Keaton has done the role of a co-anchor in the movie.

Plot: The movie’s storyline revolves around a youngster Becky Fuller. Becky is sincere to her profession as a television station producer. But, the TV station does not have a very good show-off in the New York City. For enhancement of the show, Becky hires an ex-news Journo Mike Pomeroy. But, he has his reservations about his profession. Pomeroy is disinclined towards celebrity gossip and anchoring for fashion shows. There is a twist in the movie when Becky is torn between romance and her job.

The movie happens to be a situational comedy, and the humor is sometimes crazy. There are quite a few bizarre jokes. But actress Rachel McAdams is quite good an actress in doing roles opposite excellent performers as Harrison Ford and Diana Keaton. The humor in several scenes of the movie is horrendous. Rachel McAdams has done the role of Becky in an outstanding manner. But, the movie’s not-so-good screenplay restricts her performance in the movie. The movie takes many things for granted and expects audiences to stand up and cheer every time the celebrity anchor Harrison Ford appears on screen for the betterment of the fictitious television station. But, Jeff Goldblum does quite a good performance in the movie. The movie director seems to have come up with a flavorless movie that does not fall into any particular category as satire, comedy or romance. The good ensemble of actors has not been exploited properly, Rachel has done her level best in the movie. But, the screenplay has restricted her role and failed in projecting her as an invigorated youngster wanting to achieve success.

Verdict: The movie would have been an utter disappointment for the fans if it were not for some good actors in it.