Shanmuga Subramanean Found Vikram Lander On Moon!

Tuesday, December 3rd, 2019

Shanmuga Subramanean Found Vikram Lander On Moon!

Shamuga Subramanean, a mechanical engineer say that he helped NASA to find out the Vikram Lander that had a hard landing on the surface of the moon and lost the communication with ISRO. When the NASA released some sample pictures on the internet, an engineer from Tamilnadu, posted, “This does look like lander @isro @LRO_NASA @NASA Line 3531 and Sample 22670 (Somewhere far ahead of the intended landing site) and I am able to see the legs of it?”

After he is sure that it is Vikram Lander, he again tweeted, “If this not Vikram's Lander then what is this? Is it an Alien Object? (From NASA's LRO Image)@LRO_NASA @NASA @NASAJPL #Chandrayaan2Landing #Chandrayaan2 #VikramLander #vikramlanderfound.”

He had been explaining it to NASA, till last month. Finally, the NASA people accepted his concept and thanked him for helping them. Today, he tweeted, “@NASA has credited me for finding Vikram Lander on Moon's surface #VikramLander #Chandrayaan2 @timesofindia @TimesNow @NDTV.” 

However, ISRO had already announced in September that they have found Vikram Lander but it is in a wrong position on the moon's surface.