Top 10 Malayalam Campus Films Malayalam Article

1. ‘ Premam Click to look into! >> Read More... Premam

The film that helped actor Nivin Pauly Nivin Pauly is predominantly a Malayalam actor. Bo >> Read More... Nivin Pauly to rise into star ranking in Malayalam film industry. The movie is not completely a campus film, but the central plot of the story lies closely with the college theme. The film was released back in 2015 and gained a lot of youth attention and was a trendsetter in Kerala’s college indicating its influence on campuses.


2. Minnaram

Mohanlal Mohan Lal is the Super Star of the Malayalam film >> Read More... Mohanlal ’ and Shobana Chandrakumar Pillai Shobana Chandrakumar Pillai known by the short nam >> Read More... Shobana Chandrakumar Pillai were the perfect Jodi in this family entertainer. The film's crucial storyline lies in the campus times of both the central characters. Just like Premam, this film was a trendsetter back in the days of its release.


3. Classmates Click to look into! >> Read More... Classmates


Out of the films in this list ‘Classmates’ is the complete campus film, which contains all the ingredients for a perfect college movie. It was the biggest hit film when it was released all around Kerala. Many of the famous actors like ‘ Jayasurya Jayasurya is a versatile actor who hailed from Ker >> Read More... Jayasurya ’, Prithviraj Sukumaran Prithviraj Sukumaran is one among the bubbly actor >> Read More... Prithviraj Sukumaran , etc. became notable actors after their performance in this hit movie.

4. Aanandam


The relatively new film, 'Aanandam’ is a perfect campus film. It talks about a group of friends and incidents that took place during their tour from college. Even though it is not shot in a college fully, the film had all the ingredients necessary for a perfect campus film.

5. Nammal Story coming soon... >> Read More... Nammal


The story plot of ‘Nammal’ is nothing close to a campus movie. But the main background for all the incidents that took place in the movie is a college. Released back in 2002, the movie was decent hit due to a strong storyline and wonderful cast along with the songs.


6. Chocolate Click to look into! >> Read More... Chocolate


‘Chocolate’ was a hit film due to the big cast in the making of this film. Prithviraj Sukumaran, Jayasurya, Roma Asrani Roma Asrani is a Mollywood actress who was a model >> Read More... Roma Asrani , Samvrutha Sunil This Kannur born actress, who made her debut with >> Read More... Samvrutha Sunil , etc. played important characters in this movie and the film itself was completely shot in a college background. The movie was a perfect combination of college life and love.

7. 'Yuvajanotsavam'

Mohanlal played the central role in this 1986 film, which was directed by Shrikumaran Thampi. The story of the movie lies close to the college life. The movie talks about three friends, acted by Mohanlal, ‘ Menaka Menaka was a renowned heroine of South India durin >> Read More... Menaka ’, and ‘ Urvashi Urvashi is the stage name of Kavitha Ranjini, a pr >> Read More... Urvashi ’, who were caught up in a love triangle.

8. 'Seniors' 

A different movie in this list. Although the movie is a complete campus film, it was said from a different perspective. The film talks about four elderly men studying in a college to solve a mystery that took place a long time ago. The movie was a decent hit due to the rich cast and different story line. ‘’, Kunchacko Boban Kunchacko Boban is a handsome young guy who got in >> Read More... Kunchacko Boban , Biju Menon The tall, dark and handsome Biju Menon started his >> Read More... Biju Menon and 'Manoj K. Jayan' played the title characters in this movie.

9. Doctor Love

A romantic comedy movie which was released in 2011. Kunchacko Boban played the main character along with many young actors of that time. The film was slightly adapted from the English movie "Hitch." It was directed by 'K. Biju'.

10. Niram

The best duo of the late 90’s, Kunchacko Boban and Shalini Ajith Kumar Shalini is a versatile actress, who is very popula >> Read More... Shalini Ajith Kumar , starred in this campus hit film. It was a real trendsetter back in 2000. Many of the songs, the romantic themes, the chemistry between the cast all helped this film to reach its success point.