Malayalam Celebrities Who Battled Cancer

Malayalam Celebrities Who Battled Cancer Malayalam Article

We draw inspiration from our dear celebrities when they give a helping hand in real life. We can also be inspired by them when they bravely fight diseases like cancer. Certain Mollywood stars have fought cancer with determination and hope. Nothing is more heroic than a patient and brave heart at this time of difficulty. And when you feel that you have come out of that illness you surely deserve credit. 

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This talented actress debuted in Mollywood with the flick Mayookham where she played a cancer patient. And in her real life too she was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphome during 2010. But as determined as she is, she faced it bravely and emerged positive and wise. In fact, while she was undergoing treatment she also acted in some movies. Due to cancer her hair was removed, and now she uses artificial hair. She had undergone her last chemo and is now is residing in Los Angeles for her treatment.



Jishnu, who is among the most promising and skilled actors of Mollywood ironically, had throat cancer. People came to know about this only when he told about this through social media. Later, the actor took to Twitter and expressed that his treatment was successful, and he is on the path of recovery. He also told that the tumor was totally removed.

Innocent Vincent


Innocent, who is an ace actor of Mollywood, was also suffering from cancer. His wife too was diagnosed with this disease. This President of Kerala Film Association had to undergo a lot of pain due to this disease. Known for his comic roles, Innocent was diagnosed with the disease in 2012 and took the treatment very soon. His determination and continuous treatment are the reason for his healthy status now, as he revealed. And now he became active in Mollywood after his good condition.

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Talented actress Gauthami was afflicted with breast cancer at the age of 35. However, she braved the disease and recovered from it.  Gauthami had said (when she had come to Trivandrum) that the powerful woman characters that she donned in Mollywood helped her in braving all the odds in her real life. She also had the good support of her near and dear ones at this time. 

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N L Balakrishnan, a renowned artist and still photographer, was diagnosed with cancer swelling in the vicinity of an eye. Now it has been fortunately cured.


Kollam Thulasi Kollam Tulasi whose real name is K.K. Tulasidharan >> Read More... Kollam Thulasi


This reputed actor of Mollywood had a growth of cancer near his ear. He was diagnosed with this in 2012. But he was not the one to give up and faced it with grit and determination. He underwent continuous treatments and brought the disease to control. Kollam Thulasi expressed gratitude to his friends and family for standing by him during his low phase of life.

'Srividya- Tamil'

This exceptionally talented actress is not with us now, but she bravely opposed the disease till she breathed her last. She also worked in a television serial Avicharitham where she essayed the role of a cancer patient. May she RIP.