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Top Weird Dancers Of Sandalwood

Author: Prabhnoor Kaur
Top Weird Dancers Of Sandalwood Kannada Article

Dance is the main attraction a song has, and the song is the main attraction movie has. Hence, a dance must be executed in a proper way for the audio to be a hit. It is also considered as an opportunity for the artists to show their talents. There are many amazing dancers in Sandalwood. There are many non-dancers who have learned dancing as a challenge. Whereas, there are many people who have just quit saying “I can’t dance”. Some of these people have created their styles in dancing. Some are weird, and some are funny. Here is a list of such people who don’t have a prior experience in dancing.
Sudeep is a very famous star who has acted in various languages and has been successful in all his ventures. He has been successful even as a playback singer. The only thing which he has failed in is dance. He doesn’t have a prior training in dance, but he has tried his best to learn it. However, he has failed to reciprocate the choreographer’s view. His moves mostly consist of walking and don’t have any heavy movements.

2. Darshan Thoogudeep
Darshan is another actor who is famous in the Sandalwood. He has the same background as Sudeep and has tried a bit more than Sudeep. He has tried his best to bring out the exact moves what the choreographer has in mind but hasn’t been up to the mark. Some of the steps look funny, but his effort is clearly seen in his dance.
Son of the veteran actor Dr.Rajkumar, Raghavendra Rajkumar has been up to the mark in all the fields like his father except for dance. Dance is an art which is tough to learn. Though he wasn’t that bad in his time, for now, his dance moves look a bit funny. The steps in his dances were maybe proper for his time, but if you see it now, we’ll get to know the difference of actual dancing.
Upendra is well-known for his uniqueness. He has executed unique ideas in his directional venture. The same applies to his dance style. The step in the given picture is famously known as “The Upendra Step”. This is the level of his uniqueness.
Komal Kumar is famous for his comic roles in the films. He has acted in many movies both as a supporting actor and a lead actor. He is appreciated for his roles but has failed in dance. His dance in the famous song “Pyaarge Aagbittaithe” is almost just walking.
Jaggesh is the elder brother of Komal and is a senior actor who is most appreciated for his comic roles. His specialty is managing a comic role with a serious touch. He has also failed in attracting the audience for his dance.
Shocked to see her on the list? Yes. It is shocking. One of the supermodels of India who is presently acting in Sandalwood has recently joined the list. Though her item song from Victory “Yakka Nin Maglu” has been a hit, audience liked the song just because it is Ragini. It is clearly seen that she has failed to get the item girl touch in the dance.
Ganesh isn’t seen in any item songs or songs with fast beats. This is because he doesn’t have a good rapport with dance. Not that he hasn’t tried, but as I said, dance is an art and is tough to master.
Rachita has still not got an opportunity to showcase her talent in dancing. But, observing the songs in which she has acted, it doesn’t look appreciable. She hasn’t got a good stand with dance. 
Amulya debuted as a child artist. She then became a famous actress after her debut with Ganesh. She has failed to attract audiences through her dance though she is famous for her acting. She is trying hard to learn dance.