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Vishesh Films: The Gallant Face Of Bollywood

Author: Vasu Arora
Vishesh Films: The Gallant Face Of Bollywood Hindi Article

Movie-making in India comprised of emotions and drama until came the Vishesh Films, that took both the attributes of cinema to the audacious look. The credit of the eccentricity of Vishesh Films goes to the two men that rotated the concept of direction- Mahesh Bhatt and Mukesh Bhatt. As they focused on the simple yet effective writing rather than big star value or outdoor locales, Bhatt camp presented super hit movies with minimal budget. The content and the storyline brought the audience to the theaters and the Bhatts to success. Apart from the intelligent approach towards movie-making, Vishesh Films have an excellent taste for music too. Even the average grosser of Vishesh films has a convivial music.

1. What is the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Murder’? After your death imagination, I bet the next thing you do is humming ‘Bheege Hoth Tere’. I bet you can’t forget this ultimate song where romance had lyrics and tune in the most classic way. The crime-thriller story of murder gained the limelight of the critics too. The Murder was the ninth biggest grosser of the year followed by murder 2 and murder 3 in the next years which were smashing hits as well.

2. The next sensational movie series we appreciate is 'Raaz', Raaz 2, and Raaz 3. Raaz portrayed the fight of a wife from a ghost to win her husband’s life back. The story was powerful enough to scare the people. Raaz 3 hit the screens with a larger audience. Its storyline was on black magic lost by the power of love and God. The straightforward and simple approach of Mukesh Bhatt took the attraction.

3. The next theme that added to the uniqueness of Bhatt camp was loss of love. The movie “Woh Lamhe” directly hit the hearts of lovers. The base of the movie was the extremity of the devotion of a lover who didn’t give up on his love till the end. She gets weaker day by day, and their love gets deeper day by day. Kangna Ranaut’s performance got appreciation in this film. The songs ‘Bin Tere Kya Hai Jeena’ and ‘Kya Mujhe Pyar Hai’ became the love hits of the season.

4. Everybody can imagine the love story of a gangster, but only Vishesh films can screen it with the perfect vision and dialogues accompanied by an extraordinary music. The film ‘Gangster’ was the next hit by Mahesh Bhatt. Filled with the right tunes and the blend of correct emotions, love, betrayal, and pain, the movie did complete justice showing a love story amidst the entire disharmony around. The singer, Zubeen’s hard work paid off as he got sensationalize after the song ‘Ya Ali’. Pritam got an award for composing such notes of music.

5. Vishesh films not only prioritized the imaginative concepts, but they also made bold and remarkable stories on social issues. One such example was the movie “Crook It’s Good to be Bad”. The movie showed the Australia’s scenario of the time when the Australians attacked Indians for being a Muslim or a Hindu. The title touched the hearts of many people and tears rolled down in some of the scenes. ‘Mere Bina’ gained KK wide radius of the limelight in the industry. ‘Neha Sharma’ did her debut with Emraan Hashmi in this movie.

6. Music is a devotion and passion to many around the globe. So, what is the peak of happiness when your passion let you find your life partner? Where does the life reach when we find a partner whose only devotion become our breaths? “Aashiqui 2” showcased the depth of such passionate and pure love which became a musical blockbuster of the year. The songs won numerous awards, and the music was in every car’s deck and on every radio station. The stars of Aashiqui 2 – Shraddha Kapoor and Aditya Roy Kapoor also got huge recognition after the success of the movie. Every song pierced to the bottom of the heart, and the dialogues became the new romantic trends and proposals.

7. Love has no restrictions and no limits. The love remain forever when they gain infinities. The great love stories end up in the separation of the couple. Bringing out the mad yet mature love, the far yet close love, and the mocked upon yet pure love Mahesh Bhatt made “Hamari Adhuri Kahani”. The movie depicted love as the dying spirit of a lover who gives his life but in turn gives her the courage to fight against injustice. Again, the music was amazing and heart-touching.