Top Ten Worst Bollywood Movies 

Top Ten Worst Bollywood Movies  Hindi Article
Bollywood resides in every Indian’s heart, we all have grown up admiring actors and movies that have touched our souls. But then, we come across certain movies and think, what was the storywriter thinking? They may certainly bomb at box-office, but if measured on the parameter of storyline and cinematography, these  movies have failed badly. 
Here is the list of top ten Bollywood movies till date—
1. Aap Kaa Surroor 
I feel genuinely sorry for anyone who invested their time and money into this disaster. The story revolves around an international “rockstar”, who is portrayed by the “evergreen”, Himesh Reshammiya and the toddler actor Hansika Motwani. The film lacked everything—from storyline, to acting skills, to basic common sense skills. It did bomb at the box office as well as amongst the audiences.
Let’s just say Himesh should stick to singing! 
2. MSG:The Messenger​ (Messenger of God) 
Even God wouldn’t have summoned a messenger like Guru Ram Rahim Singh, to spread the message of unity and other “hindutva” qualities. Ever since the first trailer of the movie came out, the hideousness and the baseless reality of the movie couldn’t be ignored. It bombed at the box-office since the movie felt more like a documentary or a biography on a self-proclaimed Godmen rather than a mere “messenger” of God. This movie is the one; you should stay  away as far as possible. 
At some point in the movie, we all have wondered what was the purpose of this movie? Ranging from over-exaggerated use of words to bring in stale comedy with horrid acting skills and the clear absence of storylines, this movie is the one movie that even Farah Khan won’t be proud of!
Also, hats off to the actors to pulling the script off. It was truly one of the cinematic disasters. 
Yet another disaster that Akshay Kumar acted in, at that point, he made us question his choice of movies. This movie was a feminist’s worst nightmare. With tacky costumes and vibes, with the over-rated acting skills of Kareena Kapoor (who could’ve done better!), this movie was a huge failure at the box-office. And the failure was mainly due to the lack of a proper storyline, and the central idea of the movie was taken from various Hollywood movies, an idea that has been done and repeated for many times over. All in all, don’t watch it.
Rubik’s cube would be easier to figure than this mess of a movie. Let us just count the number of characters in the movie—three doppelgangers of a single person, and three unwanted female star cast—all in all 12 characters. Yes, I feel sorry for your brain if you ever felt that you were deprived of common sense if you sat through 120 minutes for such a poor specimen of a movie. Like his sister, Sajid Khan was basically asleep throughout the story writing.
Let’s just say it runs in the genes! 
This very film was supposed to be the “next-gen” benchmark, but when the film finally released, we were hit by disappointment like a truck. The movie had awful acting skills by a Hrithik Roshan lookalike ( Harman Baweja, . ) And PeeCee shone a bit too brightly in her hideous red wig. All in all, the movie did had a storyline, but the execution was the realm where it failed at. The technology used was outdated and the portrayal by Harman as well as Priyanka Chopra gave us a headache.
Time travel shouldn’t be practiced in Bollywood! 
So what your first reaction would be when you hear that there is a modern day adaptation being made on one of the most epic Bollywood—Sholay? Your expectations have sky as the limit. But then RGV commits the blunder of making AAG. The movie was a nightmare for every Bollywood fan . And sadly, Amitabh Bachchan was a part of it. The movie seriously bombed and RGV had to face numerous and endless criticisms.
Well, we are glad that it is in the past now. 
8. ' Drona'
India’s first attempt at a national superhero failed miserably when Drona released. Abhishek Bachchan had given superhits like Guru, but then everyone wondered what went wrong with his choice with Drona. The movie couldn’t earn any box-office collections which spoke volumes about the movie’s storyline as well as the direction. The special effects used for the superhero was outdated, and not at par with the modern day audience.
Another worse movie that hails from Farah Khan’s production is Happy New Year, which had one of the most successful box-office collection, failed at storyline. The movie lacked substance and the script was too heavy for the audience—unbelievable at times. All in all, it earned SRK his loyal fan-following, but the movie garnered a lot of criticism.
10. ' Kick'
How could the list end without a Salman Khan flick? Kick released at the peak of Salman’s success, and was again hit at the box-office. But the movie was mind-numbingly predictable and too Salman-stereotypical. It centered around one main protagonist, who is a superhero in disguise, and can simply walk past on rail track with an approaching train seconds away. Yes, like THAT is believable. The movie again lacked realism. And yet couldn’t impress the audience neither the critics.