Top 10 Myths Bollywood Made Us Believe

Top 10 Myths Bollywood Made Us Believe Hindi Article

1. If you love her, stalk her.

Have you ever been afraid of that one boy who follows you around everywhere? Chances are, he is probably in love with you and has recently taken tips from a Bollywood movie. This is for all the “Raanjhanaas”- Stalking lands you up in jail, not in the girl’s arms.

2. A car explodes with a single gunshot.

One thing you consistently observe in action movies is the car blown to pieces with a single shot to the gas tank. Sorry to burst the bubble, but the car manufacturers ensure that the gas tank is protected with layers of alloys and will not rupture unless there is severe damage to the vehicle. Well, the next time you wish to make a car explode, make sure to carry more than just one bullet. Free advice: Do not try this at home.

3. Stopping the love of your life at the airport is a cakewalk.

Remember how Jai breaks the airport security rules and manages to stop Aditi from going away in “Jaane Tu Ya Jaane Na”, and walks out happily at the end? Do not try this else, you will end up dead or in jail. Airport security is no joke and an attempt to break it is not a good idea.

4. If she loves you, she will turn back.

No! Her turning back is not a sign of her love towards you. It may be a sign of pity, worry or she just turned back to say bye. Bad news people, Raj from “DDLJ” has managed to fail you again.

5. Snakes love milk.

Many Bollywood movies have given birth to the myth that snakes love milk. Snakes are reptiles and not mammals. Thus, there is no connection between snakes and milk. However, if dehydrated, snakes will drink any liquid available. Bottom line: Do not try to befriend a snake by offering it milk.

6. Twins always look alike.

For a long time, we have been under the impression that twins always have the same face, thanks to movies like “Judwa”, “ Aurangzeb Click to look into! >> Read More... Aurangzeb ” and “Duplicate.” While we love to believe this, the fact remains that 80% of the twins in this world are not identical.

7. There is always enough time.

Be it the protagonist’s last words after being shot in the head, or saving the life of innocent citizens right before the bomb explodes, there always seems to be just enough time to do the right thing in slow motion. No wonder our generation is full of procrastinators.

8. Girls who wear spectacles are introverts.

Remember how the Naina from “Kal ho naa ho” and the Naina from “ Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani Click to look into! >> Read More... Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani ” turn into these happy, adventurous and life-loving people as soon as they take off their spectacles? No wonder we expect every bespectacled girl to be socially awkward.

9. A girl and a boy can never be just friends.

This famous dialogue turned this generation’s life into a big question mark. Every look, every comment, every smile by the onlookers had this very same remark. Well, we were born rebels.

10. Every girlfriend is a life-draining monster.

No Bollywood movie has ever failed to portray the girlfriend as a monstrosity. “ Pyaar Ka Punchnama Click to look into! >> Read More... Pyaar Ka Punchnama ” started a new wave of girlfriend bashing memes and every girlfriend has been a target ever since.