Top 10 Female RJ’s Of India

Top 10 Female RJ’s Of India Hindi Article

Universally recognized as the “Gossip Queen,” Shagufta is unconditionally loved by the entire headquarters of the Radio Indigo. She has engaged herself in the recreation of the Michael Jackson’s and Madonna’s song. With this, Shagufta does the full justice to another tag “Bang Shielder” given to her by herself!
Michelle belongs to the ancestors who were the music lovers, so there is no doubt that she adores interrelating with the public. Patrao constantly had a desire for RJ-ing and achieved her dream in 2009 when she started working officially with the Radio Indigo. Her giggle is something which the audience loves and abhors regarding her; still, no one appears to criticize.
Disha had been a voyage assistant for the best time, but soon she felt it’s time for her to expand her spheres. Having an exposure to the high-quality of the music-prospect, Disha succeeded her trial in the globe of RJ-ing. Amazed at her passion, Red FM offered her the proposal for formally joining their Radio station. And this is how Disha gained fame as an RJ in India.
Melodee, since her childhood possessed an admiration towards the All India radio. Within no time did Austin made her dream come true and claims:
“A bunch of citizens tends to renounce on their visions effortlessly, but she detained on it, and now she is the majority appreciated RJ’s in Bangalore.”
5. RJ Ridhi J Shah
The world of RJ-ing came across Riddhi when she bumped into one of her sibling’s companion. The confined practice of eight months at the broadcast channel helped to make Riddhi’s mindset for being an RJ. J. Shah is now identified as the “Drama Queen” of Red FM by the nation.
Anshu was original to pursue her grades in MBA, but it was the sibling who influenced her into RJ-ing. She is in the profession of Radio Jockey for past seven years from now (2016) and has no regret for dropping down her MBA course. Besides an entertainer, Anshu is a good listener too and often listens to her audience and guides them. 
Latika was a passionate fan of Radio City and that’s how she persuaded her dream of being an RJ! She herself got admitted into the schooling for radio jockeying/assembly and with that she acknowledged the placement as an RJ in the Radio City.
According to Aditi, RJ’s are the safe and sound friends for the lonesome populace; this is what makes her fit into the profession of RJ-ing. People love the way she puts her soul out on the Radio shows. Catchy hilarity is an additional windfall of Aditi!
Akriti commenced her career originally by working with the channel Doordarshan. Later on after eight years, she switched her line of work
To become an RJ and tried for the Radio Mirchi station in Delhi. She is now popularly recognized in India as “Bollywood ki Bulbul.”
Sucharita’s love as a teen was always a “Radio!” Rather than completing her schoolwork, she would occupy herself in composing tease radio demonstrators. Say it as her good-luck or not, Sucharita got a chance to intern as an RJ for two months. She gave her best performance in RJ-ing during her internship and is now working as an RJ with the Radio City from past seven years.