Top 10 Bollywood Movies Which Highlight Major Issues Of Indian Society

Top 10 Bollywood Movies Which Highlight Major Issues Of Indian Society Hindi Article

Cinema Is Not Just About Entertainment. It Has Always Played A Significant Role In Contributing Towards Positive Social Impact And Highlighting Major Issues Of Indian Society. People Certainly Get Influenced When They See Their Favorite Stars Fighting Against Corruption Or Helping Women Get Equal Rights As Men Enjoy. People Do Feel A Change In The Way They Think. So Here Are Some Of The Bollywood Movies Which Exhibit Us The Drawbacks Of Indian Society And How We Need To Transform Our Mindsets.

1. Pink   The Movie Sets Ablaze The Problem Of Molestation With Women. The Meaning Of The Powerful Statement ‘No Means No’ Is Well Justified. The Film Gives A Strong Social Message About The Feudal Mindset Prevalent In India And How We Need To See The Independence Of Women In The Right Way.

2. Peepli Live   Through This Movie, Anusha Rizvi Has Well Captured The Topic Of ‘Farmer Suicide’. In A Village Named ‘Peepli’, A Farmer Natha, Decides To Commit Suicide To Get Money Aid From Government. A Reporter Overhears Him And Then Starts The Political And Media Frenzy. The Movie Is A Must Watch For Every Indian.

3. Oh My God The Movie Well Describes How ‘Faith In God’ Is The Money Earning Rich Business For Some. Akshay Kumar, Paresh Rawal, And Mithun Chakraborty Are In Main Roles. Paresh Rawal Plays The Role Of An Atheist Who Files A Case In Court Against God. Movie Certainly Deserves A Watch.

4. English Vinglish   For Some, Being a Woman Means Being Just A Housewife Who’s Job Just Stretches From Daily Household Chores To Raising Children. This Movie Gives Us A Message That In This Male Chauvinistic Society, Females Can Do A Lot More.

5. Mardaani The Story Of This Movie Is All About How A Crime Branch Officer, Shivani Shivaji Roy, Finds Out A Missing Girl ‘Pyaari’ And Unveils The Mastermind Behind Child Sex Trafficking. Rani Mukherjee Proves To Be A Real ‘Mardaani’ As She Is Confident, Brave, And Fearless And The Way She Deals With Enemy.

6. 3 Idiots   Directed By Raju Hirani, The Movie Is Just Excellent And Is A Mirror To Our Deformed Education System. All That Is Needed Is Just A Strong Will To Learn, And Not Cramming Up And Licking Books Line By Line. The Movies Tell Us That Pursuing A Career That One Wants By Himself/Herself Is The Right Choice.

7. Tare Zameen Par   The Movie Appropriately Shows How Indian Parents Force Their Children To Excel In Studies And Everything Else. Ishaan Awasthi, A Dyslexic Kid, For Whom Even Tying Up A Shoelace Is A Messed Up Thing, Faces The Same Behavior From His Parents.

8. Rang De Basanti Rang De Basanti Is A Great Attempt By Director Rakeysh Omprakash Mehra To Tell The Audience To Be The Volunteers For Bringing Change In The World, How Indian Youth Needs To Wake Up And Uproot Problems Like Corruption.

9. Table No. 21 The Movie Gets Its Name From Article 21 Of Indian Constitution Which States Our Rights On ‘Protection Of Life And Personal Property’. It Shows How Problems Like Ragging Still Exist In Indian Colleges. Rajeev Khandelwal Plays The Role Of Vivaan, Who With His Friends Is Involved In Ragging A Boy Named Akram. This Bullying Makes Akram Mentally Challenged. Paresh Rawal Plays The Character Of Mr. Khan, Who Is Father Of Akram And Takes Revenge From Vivaan.

10. Dor   A Drama Film, Based On How Two Women, One Widowed, Confined In Traditions And Other Trying To Save Her Husband From Being Executed For Killing His Roommate, Build A Companionship And Work Out Things By Understanding.