7 Tор Bollywood Female Artistes With Great Vоiсе Chоrdѕ

7 Tор Bollywood Female Artistes With Great Vоiсе Chоrdѕ Hindi Article

 There is a new crop of female playback singers in Bollywood now. Each one has their unique style and Bollywood is presently experimenting with many new voices. Here’s a list of some female playback singers who got recognition with their talent.

1. Kаnikа Kapoor

She has a unique peppiness which no one can match. Her songs BаbуDоll’ ( Ragini MMS 2) ‘Chittiyan Kalaiyaan’ (Rоу) ‘Lоvеlу’ (Hарру Nеw Yеаr) are just examples of her success. She is indeed a favorite among the masses.

2. Nеhа Bhаѕin

There is some innate sensuality in her voice which makes the audience want more. Her sense of intimacy in “Kuchh Khaas Hai” (Fashion) or the sensational “Assalam-e-ishqum, (Gunday) tells the prowess of this singer. Way to go girl!

3. Shеfаli Alvаrеѕ

She would be surely in your party playlists though she might be unknown to some people. The peppiness in her voice is just infectious in some songs especially ‘Tеrа Nааm Jарdi Phirаn’ (Cосktаil), Subаh Hоnе Na Dе’ (DеѕiBоуz) etc. And   “O Gujariya” is one of the most famous songs of her! Just listen to her great songs!

4. Mоniса Dogra

She is a cut above the others in the sense that she is superhot. And to say about her voice! It’s endearing….Her “Dooriyan Bhi Hai Zaroori” ( Break Ke Baad) just made the nation crazy. Bollywood needs such singers.

5. Snеhа Khаnwаlkаr

his lady is surely a name to reckon with in Bollywood. Her songs really make  you crazy. She has sung the wackiest songs of Bollywood including “Kaala Rey”. There is a unique sense of originality in her voice which allures her to the masses.

6. Nеhа Kаkkаr

She not only sings but also entertains you. She competed on the television reality show Indian Idol season 2 in 2006. In 2008, she launched the album Neha The Rock Star with music composed by Brothers. She is the proud singer of the song “Sunny Sunny” from the movie Yaariyan.

7. Shalmali Khоlgаdе

When you think about sophistication and boisterousness you cannot do without thinking about this lady. She has given a lively edge to even the boring songs. Her “Lat Lag Gayi” or Daru Desi” or “Balam Pichkari” is indeed great songs to listen to.