10 Movies Which Would Look Better With Different Lead Actor

10 Movies Which Would Look Better With Different Lead Actor Hindi Article

The actors have a very big job to have a versatile personality. They should fit in all the characters offered by the movie. But sometimes we feel that the particular actor was not meant to be in the particular movie. The actor’s personality, and the character clashes and we sense it. The actors who have made their place in the top of the industry are mostly casted for their popularity, and not seen for their relevance with the character. There are times when we sensed that the movies could have been better with different leads.

1. Secret Superstar

The movie was all about the up lifting of a girl in the Muslim society. Aamir Khan here was oddly placed. His looks were highly disliked and he could not play cool. He was cool in Taare Zameen Par, but here, his looks and his nature was greatly in contrast.

2. Udta Punjab

The movie had the female lead as Kareena Kapoor who was a doctor. We all have seen her doctor look in 3 idiots, and it was rule-defying one. Also, her character as ‘Poo,’ and ‘Geet’ have made out mind sets that the bubbly characters look great on her. Here, she was the serious doctor who made it odd.

3. Ok Jaanu

The movie was completely predictable. Two people, meeting by luck and falling in love. They both crave for each other. Here the male lead was Aditya Roy Kapur who was sober throughout the movie. Yeah, we all have mind sets that the person is always drinking as seen in Aashiqui 2, and Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani. This was a shocker.

4. Tubelight

The movie was very depressing. Even Salman Khan’s fans were disappointed seeing their ‘ Bhai’ being so feeble. None in the industry can imagine Sallu Bhai without showing off his body, and his Dabangg attitude.

5. Mom

This was a thriller movie, but the lead was the veteran actress, ' Sridevi'. She had grown out of the practice of the screen, and could be seen being conscious in front of the camera. Also, the thriller theme did not match her, and we could not get the best of the movie.

6. Harry met Sejal

The movie had some energy, and somehow the audience could not feel it. Shah Rukh Khan here was unable to match the energy level of Anushka Sharma. Maybe he has grown old to play the role of being a Casanova.

7. Jagga Jasoos

Ranbir Kapoor came out just as expected, outstanding. We all know how versatile he is, but Katrina Kaif was offered the wrong role. Acting in comic movies was not her cup of tea as she already lacks expressions. Wondering what she did that she got the role.

8. Ittefaq

This movie was again a mystery thriller, and Sidharth Malhotra took our hearts out. We all have seen him in such movies, but here the female lead Sonakshi Sinha was a bit out of track. We could sense overacting, and could not help, but watch the whole movie for Sidharth.

9. Hichki

The movie had a single female lead, Rani Mukerji. The level of the movie was quite high, and here she had to play the role of a bubbly girl. We all know she can be bubbly, but here age might be the factor. She could not put many efforts into the character.

10. Badrinath Ki Dulhania

The movie had a predictable plot, but here Varun Dhawan did well. He is always seen in comic movies running after love, but Alia Bhatt had a character which was to be serious. She always had a bubbly and arrogant character in movies, and here her impact was less seen.