10 Indian Movies Focusing On The Issues Of Women Exploitation

10 Indian Movies Focusing On The Issues Of Women Exploitation Hindi Article

1. ''

Director- Manish Jha Manish Jha was born in 3rd May, 1978 at West Champ >> Read More... Manish Jha


The story revolves around a beautiful young woman Kalki, who lives with her father in a village where the practice of female infanticide and female feticide is prevalent. In exchange for a large amount of money, this single woman is married to five males of the village who happen to be brothers. These brothers are willing to do anything to satisfy their sexual needs.

2. 'Jalpari: The Desert Mermaid'

Director- Nila Madhab Panda Nila Madhab Panda, born on 18th October 1973 has z >> Read More... Nila Madhab Panda


This movie deals with the various problems that a girl child in rural India goes through in the process of growing up. Female infanticide, gender inequality, etc. are the issues dealt with in this Bollywood extravaganza. The movie highlights the issue of male and female sex-ratio in a very subtle way.


3. ' Kajarya Click to look into! >> Read More... Kajarya '

Director- Madhureeta Anand Madhureeta Anand is an Indian filmmaker, writer, a >> Read More... Madhureeta Anand


This thriller film, shot in Haryana, deals with the issue of sex selection in India. The movie throws light on the life of two very different women, Kajarya, belonging to a village, and has a job of killing babies. Another is a journalist Meenu Sharma Meenu Sharma is an Indian actress, who acted in ma >> Read More... Meenu Sharma , belonging to New Delhi Click to look into! >> Read More... New Delhi .

4. Me and My Sister


Director- Rajesh Bhiyan


This movie set in Assam, is based on domestic violence and issue of female foeticide. The film depicts beautifully how a modern woman goes through the mental turmoil and physical torture at the hands of her husband in her day to day life. This movie brings forth the untold stories that are generally faced in the households.

5. It’s a Girl


Director- Evan Grae Davis

The movie primarily focuses on the issue of female infanticide in India and China. The main question that the film puts forth is that why are crimes against women happening and why so little is being done to protect girls. The film narrates the story of women who go through acid throwing, eve teasing, dating abuse, etc.

6. ' Karuthamma Karuthamma is a Tamil dubbed serial which illustra >> Read More... Karuthamma '

Director- Bharathiraja

This real-life story throws light on the ill feelings and emotions of people that surrounds the birth of a girl child. Towards the end of this super hit movie, we see a transformation in the hearts of the people as they realize the true value of a girl child after certain happenings.

7. 'Riwayat'

Director- Vijay Patkar Vijay Patkar is an Indian theater, Television, Mar >> Read More... Vijay Patkar

This hard-hitting film tries its level best to increase the awareness of the most prevalent social evil of all-female foeticide. The story depicts a very emotional journey of three ladies who go through this social evil in their life and how they fight against this inhuman practice.

8. 'Triyacharitra'

Director- Basu Chatterjee Basu Chatterjee is an Indian screenplay writer and >> Read More... Basu Chatterjee

This breathtaking movie revolves around the life of a girl who was engaged to an older man living far away from her, only at the age of thirteen due to the poor economic conditions of her family. Later this girl is found to be friends with a truck driver who assures her Parents large amount of money in exchange for the girl. The movie is well known for the amazing work of its star cast.

9. 'Nishant'

Director- Shyam Benegal Shyam Benegal is a renowned Indian director and sc >> Read More... Shyam Benegal

The film revolves around the issue of sexual exploitation of women by the elite class which was very common during Feudalism in India. The story revolves around a beautiful young woman who is abducted by village men, spellbound by her beauty. Seeing this, her husband comes to her rescue, but his efforts go in vain.

10. ' Lajja Lajja is a Sony TV entertainment serial that deals >> Read More... Lajja '

Director- Rajkumar Santoshi Rajkumar Santoshi is an Indian filmmaker who shot >> Read More... Rajkumar Santoshi

This male chauvinism based purposeful film depicts the journey of four women who are the victims of all kinds of brutalities faced by women in our society. The issue of the plight of women in India was highlighted in great details in the movie.