10 Bollywood Celebs And Their First Salaries

10 Bollywood Celebs And Their First Salaries Hindi Article

The celebs from the industry have a huge fan base, and they deal in crores when it comes to working. The fans have become a part, and parcel of their lives, but there was time once that these stars were on the other side of thebarberic fence. They could hardly make a living, and were strugglers. They did hard work, and made themselves renowned at the industry. They are now one of the richest folks of the country, and famous all over the world. During their struggling times, their salaries were as follows:

1. Amitabh Bachchan

The actor was very much educated, and did make himself stand on his feet. The superstar was an executive in the firm forShaw, and Wallace before stepping in the industry. This firm was established in Calcutta, and Big B used to make Rs. 500 in his time which was a huge amount in that time. His recent earning is Rs. 20 crores per movie.

2. Shah Rukh Khan

He is the King of Bollywood, and is known for his romantic movies. He is famous by the name Raj in the industry yet on knowing his first job; we might not believe that he had to do so much. He has struggled a lot as in the beginning he was an usher in concerts, mostly of Pankaj Udas. His then salary was Rs. 50, and now he charges about Rs. 45 crores per movie.

3. Hrithik Roshan

No matter he is the son of a famous director, he has also done work at a young age. The boy had no requirement to earn but to quench his thirst of acting he was seen as a child artist in the movie Aasha, and from there he earned Rs. 400, his first ever salary. Now he charges about Rs. 40 crores per movie.

4. RandeepHooda

He has seen many ups, and downs in his life, and his journey is truly commendable. The man was a delivery boy at a Chinese restaurant, and used to earn just Rs. 300 per month. Now, he has a salary of Rs. 3 crore per movie.

5. Aamir Khan

Mr. Perfectionist of our industry also did struggle to reach this position, and attain this title in the industry. He is the highest earning celebs of Bollywood, but he started as an assistant director who use to direct short movies. His salary was Rs. 1000 per month, and now he earns approx. Rs 50 crores per movie.

6. Akshay Kumar

The Khiladi of Bollywood has made a real-life transition. He used to be a chef in Bangkok, and earned by making food for people. His salary was Rs. 1500 per month but now he earns up to 45 crores per movie.

7. Irrfan Khan

He is one of the very talented actor’s industry has. He is not just famous in Bollywood but also is demanded in Hollywood. Before coming into profession of acting, he was a tutor. He used to charge Rs. 25 per student. Now he charges Rs 7 crore per movie.

8. Sonam Kapoor

She has the Kapoor surname, and that sure did her well, but her first job was that of an assistant director. She used to earn Rs. 3000 but now she wraps around Rs. 3-5 crore per movie.

9. KalkiKoechlin

This very talented actress was a waitress in the cafes of London just as normal teens in Great Britain. She was a student, and was part-time waitress. Her first salary was 40 pounds, and now she does movies, and travel shows, and earns about Rs. 10 crores in a year.

10. Dharmendra

This very talented actor, and heart throb of his time were so much in need of money that he took Rs. 51 for his first break in the industry.