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Author: Aliya Jamal
Top 10 Gujrati Comedy Movies Gujarati Article

The Gujarati language film industry is known as Gujarati cinema or Dhollywood colloquially. It is one of the most important regional and vernacular film industries of cinema in India, having created over one thousand films since its origin.

Gujarati cinema, informally stated as Dhollywood, is the Gujarati language screenland. It is one of the primary regional and vernacular film industries of the cinema Asian nation, having made over one thousand films since its beginning. Comedy films are unit "make 'em laugh" films designed to elicit laughter from the audience. Comedies are light-hearted unit dramas crafted to amuse, entertain, and provoke enjoyment. The comedy genre with humor exaggerates the case, the language, the action, and the characters.

1. Vicki No Varghodo

Vicki No Varghodo, an Indian Gujarati comedy film directed by Rahul Bhole Rahul Bhole is a renowned director in the Indian e >> Read More... Rahul Bhole and Vinit Kanojia Vinit Kanojia is an Indian writer, director, and e >> Read More... Vinit Kanojia , could be released in 2022. Malhar Thakar Malhar Thakar is an Indian actor and theatre-artis >> Read More... Malhar Thakar , Monaul Gajjar, Manasi Rachh Manasi Rachh is an Indian model and actress. She w >> Read More... Manasi Rachh , and Jinal Belani Jinal Belani is an Indian actress and model. She h >> Read More... Jinal Belani star in the lead roles. Sharad Patel Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Sharad Patel , Shreyanshi Patel Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Shreyanshi Patel , Vikas Agarwal, and Pankaj Keshruwala created this film. It was released in the eighth month of the Gregorian calendar in 2022. It is a brilliant hit Gujarati Film of 2022, As dear By The Family Audience, with a run time of over fifty days within the theatres. In this moving picture, A man's ex-girlfriend unexpectedly shows up at his wedding.

2. Fact Mahilao Maate

A Gujarati film called Fakt Mahilao Mate was released on August 19, 2022. , Yash Soni Yash Soni is an Indian film actor, popular amongst >> Read More... Yash Soni , Deeksha Joshi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Deeksha Joshi , and Tarjanee Bhadla Tarjanee Bhadla is an Indian actress who has appea >> Read More... Tarjanee Bhadla played critical roles in the movie Jay Bodas Jay Bodas is a Hindi supporting actor. In the year >> Read More... Jay Bodas directed. For Fakt Mahilao Mate, popular performers like Bhavini Jani Bhavini Jain is an Indian-Gujrati actress. With he >> Read More... Bhavini Jani , Kalpana Gagdekar Kalpna Gagdekar is an actress who works in the the >> Read More... Kalpana Gagdekar , and Chetan Daiya Chetan Daiya is an Indian- Actor. He primarily wor >> Read More... Chetan Daiya were also cast. In this movie, a young man discovers that he can read the thoughts of all women after praying at a temple. While first terrified, he resolves to use this talent to assist others with their marital issues.


3. Dear Father

Dear Father follows the story of an Associate older man in the Nursing UN agency who meets with an Associate in Nursing accident. Is it truly an Associate in Nursing accident or suicide or perhaps murder? Those who have watched the play or possibly Mahratti's film would grasp the beats of the drama. However, the story is instructive and far din concerning nothing. Pricey Father boasts of prodigious performances invalid in Associate in Nursing insipid drama. Accessible during a theatre close to you.


4. Jaysukh Zdpayo

Jaysukh Zdpayo is an Indian Gujarati comedy pic Johny Lever, Jimit Trivedi Jimit Trivedi is an Indian Actor. He works predomi >> Read More... Jimit Trivedi , and Puja Joshi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Puja Joshi square measure the primary solid of the pic. This movie is often the story of a bloke named Jaysukh, whose father has left a tremendous amount of debt on him, whereas he's a single-earning person and has got to repay his father's debt. Jaiyukh comes to Ahmedabad town and gets employment in a firm; he falls loving with Jigna, his co-employee; meantime, his boss's sister (Kiran) comes back to India when finishing her graduation from London and falls loving with Jaisukh. His Boss, Mansukh, currently forces Jaysuk to marry his sister; Jaiyuk denies it and raises his friends to assist him. Sushil (Jaysuk's friend) tells you to hoodwink man that he and Jaysuk square measure in relation. Currently, the boss fires him, and the issues start in Jaisukh's life.

5. Golkeri

Golkeri could be a Gujarati comedy-drama film directed by infective agent sovereign and made by and Parthiv Gohil Parthiv Gohil is an Indian playback singer. He is >> Read More... Parthiv Gohil under the banner of Soul Sanskrit literature Studio. It's written by infective agent sovereign and Amatya.The film major Malhar Thakar and Manasi Parekh. Sahil and Harshita, nightlong, finish their good relationship of 2 years. But, the maximum amount they need to maneuver on and move aloof from one another, they're stuck in awkward things placed up by their oldsters. World Health Organization create persistent tries to bring them back along. Can their parents' concerns cross the road and switch to interference? Or can they triumph in explaining to the kids that a relationship is like 'Golkeri' - A sweet-sour old Gujarati pickle? The style solely gets higher with time.’


6. Chhello Divas: A New Beginning

Chhello Divas – a replacement starting could be a Gujarati coming back archaic comedy film written and directed by Krishnadev Yagnik Krishnadev Yagnik is one of the most skilled India >> Read More... Krishnadev Yagnik . Chelo Divas Movie is a Telugu movie directed by K. and produced by Suresh Babu Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Suresh Babu . In this movie, the lead role is played by Puja Iyer. It tells the story of a woman's escape from her husband and entering into matrimony with another man who, like all others in his profession, seeks to make a quick buck at the expense of people's welfare.


7. Kehvatlal Parivar

Rashmin Majithia Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Rashmin Majithia and Vipul Mehta Vipul Mehta is an Indian singer born on 28 July 19 >> Read More... Vipul Mehta may produce the comedy-drama Kehvatlal Parivar, which will be released in 2022. Sanjay Goradia Sanjay Goradia is a renowned actor, director, prod >> Read More... Sanjay Goradia , Bhavya Gandhi Bhavya Gandhi is an actor or we can say child acto >> Read More... Bhavya Gandhi , Shraddha Dangar Shraddha Dangar is a Gujarati actress and model bo >> Read More... Shraddha Dangar , Supriya Pathak Supriya Pathak is an Indian actress who has been r >> Read More... Supriya Pathak , and Vandana Pathak Vandana Pathak, who plays the character of Bakula >> Read More... Vandana Pathak star in it. This film was made available for free on vi May 2022 under the banner of Coconut Motion footage. The film was reviewed absolutely by critics and was declared a blockbuster. Welcome to the "Kehvatlal Parivar" globe to expertise drama, love, and intimacy. Once there's complete madness within the house, this Parivar is prepared to deliver pleasant moments which will cause you to laugh and cry.


8. Swagatam

It is a story about a couple of nuthouses with weird secrets and a path of mental illness that runs within the blood. Manav's troubled family has a secret habit of murdering men. The United Nations has nothing to look forward to in life. Look what happens when Manav discovers this. Once Manav Mehta - an author who involves his family's aim at Mangadh to introduce his betrothed Jhanvi, finds out a natural object within the house. Currently, to save the entire family from accusations, he needs to refrain everybody from entering the house.


9. Sharato Lagu

Sharato Lagu may be a 2018 Indian Gujarati-language comedy-drama film stellar by Malhar Thakar, Deeksha Joshi, Prashant Barot "Prashant Barot is an Indian Film actor who was bo >> Read More... Prashant Barot , Hemant Jha Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Hemant Jha , Chhaya Vora Chhaya Vora is a popular Gujarati theatre actress >> Read More... Chhaya Vora , and Alpana Buch Alpana Buch is a Hindi actress who is popular for >> Read More... Alpana Buch . Neeraj Joshi Neeraj Joshi is an Indian director who worked for >> Read More... Neeraj Joshi directs the film. It was free on the twenty-five Oct 2018. It was made by A. Dev Kumar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Dev Kumar and Yukit Vora Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Yukit Vora from the Superhit diversion and distributed by the Rupam diversion. Satya and Saavi area units, a handful of World Health Organization area 5 units vary in temperament, and area units are introduced to every different prospective wedding partner. This crazy love story forms the major of the plot.

10. Best Of Luck Lalu

Best of Luck, Lalu may be a Gujarati picture show free on twenty-seven October 2017. The picture show was directed by Vipul Mehta and featured Supriya Pathak, Kurush Deboo Kurush Deboo is a famous Indian actor and is popul >> Read More... Kurush Deboo , and Dilip Jha Dilip Jha is an Indian-Screenwriter. He was born o >> Read More... Dilip Jha as the lead characters. Different widespread actors UN agencies were roped better of Luck Lalu square measure Muni Jha Recognized as one of the finest actors of the Indi >> Read More... Muni Jha . Story of a bright young student, UN agency, despite all the traditional adolescent distractions and pressures around him, hopes to form a good mark during a board examination with the assistance of his ever-supporting family.