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Top 10 Highest Rated Gujarati Movies

Top 10 Highest Rated Gujarati Movies  Gujarati Article

Gujarati cinema is returning to its roots with cutting-edge topics and unconventional narratives presented in familiar settings. A prime example is the drama Chhello Show, which is somewhat autobiographical and beautifully depicts the allure of western Gujarat, Nalin's home state. Check out the highest rated Gujarati movies till now.

1. Carry On Kesar

Carry On Kesar, a lovely social comedy movie written and directed by Vipul Mehta, is based on the Gujarati play "Baa Ne Gher Babo Avyo." Being a parent after a certain age is stigmatised in our culture. And Carry On Kesar makes an effort to alter it. The film's main characters are Supriya Pathak and Darshan Jariwala. The introduction of Supriya Pathak to urban Gujarati cinema could not be more ideal.

2. Reva

A film that everyone should see. This is among the best films ever made in Indian cinema, not only in Gujarati cinema. Awesome cinematography. Each and every actor gave a fantastic performance for the director. The entire film has a divine spiritual undertone. Producer and director have successfully delivered an unconventionally inspirational storyline in this instance by taking a risk.

3. Chhello Divas: A New Beginning

The film's plot is quite typical. The movie's direction is strong. The dialogue and screenplay delivery in Chhello Divas are its strongest points. All of the actors perform admirably, but Aarjav Trivedi (Dhulo), Malhar Thakar (Vicky), and Yash Soni (Nikhil) stand out for their outstanding work. Dholu, a.k.a. Aarjav Trivedi, claims all the glory.

4. Bey Yaar

The relationship between Tino and Chako (Pratik Gandhi and Divyang Thakkar) in the film is so intense that they will undoubtedly become known as Jay-Veeru of Gujarati cinema. Darshan Jariwala is excellently represented as Divyang's father and a member of the middle class. The film's direction is simply superb! This film was produced with a lot of work from Abhishek Jain. Beautiful cinematography may be seen.

5. Love Ni Bhavai

Malhar Thakar, who plays Sagar, is an absolute master at acting. His subtle portrayal of a Gujju boy from the "Amdavadi" community was quite exceptional. Arohi Patel also makes an endearing Antara, although she would be even more endearing if she could cry and laugh more naturally on film. When she was crying on TV, she was at her lowest point, which made me wonder if she was really an actor.

6. Chal Man Jeetva Jaiye

Chal Mann Jeetva Jaiye is unquestionably a hit and offers a very solid lesson on how to make a wise choice in the majority of challenging circumstances that a family encounters; logical/emotional conversations and divergent viewpoints of family members are played on film quite skillfully. The screenplay, narrative, and story are all excellent. Fantastic performances are given.

7. Dhh

The touching tale of Gungun, Bajrang, and Vakil, three friends who struggle academically in their class, is told in Dhh. They ask a magician to assist them in passing their test because they are depressed over the frequent sanctions at the school. At the 65th National Film Awards, the film won the National Film Award for best Gujarati feature film.

8. Dhummas

Dhummas tells its story through powerful music. While it functions in some settings, it appears unnecessary in others. The picture also suffers from the slow-motion moments. As the story goes on, it becomes a little more fascinating. Within a few split seconds, the victim is the suspect. The plot is made up by how the two people take charge of their lives.

9. Dhunki

The movie does a good job of capturing the hardships of a middle-class boy trying to follow his Dhunki (=passion) and the ensuing changes in his relationships with his close friends and family. Siddharth Amit Bhavsar's music further enhances the aesthetic and tone of the movie. The film has a refined feel thanks to the use of acoustic guitars in both the background score and the songs.

10. Thai Jashe!

Nirav Barot did an incredible job directing this film. You feel happy, sad, angry, and nervous when you drink Thai Jashe. It's great how characters have incorporated their emotions into the movie. When you see the movie's ending, a few boring moments won't matter. The movie's climax will fill you with happiness, hope, and inspiration.