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Nain Maniar

Nain Maniar is an admired name in the Pakistani drama industry as he has created innumerable drama serials and daily soaps. Born and brought up in Karachi, Pakistan, Nain believes that to achieve anything one has to commit to hard work and nothing else. It is due to his constant focus on his passion that he has been able to work with  big production companies as a director. To kick start his career, he faced a lot of struggle.  Reminiscing his old days, he says that he faced a lot of criticism, but it was these reviews that made him the man he is today. Initially, he began as a cameraman. Soon he ventured into drama editing by not only acquiring the skill but excelling in it as well. All because of his constant determination he is able to make a great name for himself with shows to his credits such as Mehmodabad ki Malkin, Maseeha, Babul Ki Duaen Leti Ja and much more. Actress Sajal Ali got her big break from Nain. The projects that he invested his time to have been applauded as the concepts of the story lines were highly ahead of its times. Most people have stereotyped the entertainment fraternity of Pakistan as being highly orthodox with concepts. It was Nain who promoted experimenting with new ideas and coming up with notions that seemed strange but after being aired were very well accepted by the audience.  He realized the need to change the way of TV viewing that had been prevailing in Pakistan. He broke notions as all his steps persuaded the system to change. It is due to this contribution done by such enthusiasts of show business that they  can do something that appeals not only to a particular part but to the whole world. He is currently working on his ongoing drama Becky Qadam, which is written by Inaam Shah.


Neeraj Pandey

Neeraj Pandey is an Indian movie producer, director and screenplay writer. He is known for the picture named A Wednesday which got released in 2008. He received acceptance for his work from the critics as well as the audience. He went on to win Indira Gandhi Award under the category Best First Film of a Director (debut). He also received Star Screen Award for the best story as well as film for A Wednesday. His second movie named Special 26, starring Akshay Kumar, received the same reaction from both the audience as well as the critics. His third venture, Baby (2015), starring Akshay Kumar, became a commercial as well as critical success. He was born in 1973 in Kolkata and is aged 43. He was also brought up in the same city. His father was originally from Bihar, but he moved to Kolkata as he had started working for Bosch situated in Kolkata (then Calcutta). Neeraj migrated to New Delhi to earn a degree in the English language from Sri Aurobindo College (Morning), University of Delhi, India. He learned the film basics when he started working at 'Legacy Entertainment' (based in Delhi), a Dalmia Group company which makes TV programs. In 2000, he migrated to Mumbai to implement what he had learned. He had a few connections in the industry. A friend of his received a grant for producing a documentary which he presented to him. He started making documentaries and advertisement films. He and his friend Shital Bhatia, who made documentaries, television programs, and ad films, together, started a production company named 'Quarter Inch Productions'. He went on to form another production company called Friday Filmworks. It produced his debut film, A Wednesday. The film is based on Mumbai train bombings of July 11, 2006. A lot of real experiences were showed in the movie and the story presented information about how the whole episode happened. He has not only contributed to Bollywood but also to Bangla cinema. He produced a Bengali Feature movie starring Jeet named “The Royal Bengal Tiger.” Another venture starring Anu Kapoor, Manoj Bajpayee, Aditi Sharma and K.K. Menon will release in the coming year. On 6 December 2013, he launched his debut novel named Ghalib Danger. Reliance Entertainment owner Anil Ambani has entered into production business after shaking hands with Pandey’s Friday Film works. The joint venture produced Akshay Kumar starred Rustom which got released in 2016. It is named Plan C Studios. In 2009, he received IIFA Award for best story and dialogue for A Wednesday. In 2016, his much- anticipated film, M.S. Dhoni will release which is based on the life of M.S. Dhoni, the Indian Cricket team captain.

Neeraj Pandey Hindi Actor