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Top 10 Crime Thriller Gujarati Movies

Author: Rohit Bhattacharjee
Top 10 Crime Thriller Gujarati Movies Gujarati Article

Being curious about the Gujarati film industry and a fanatic for crime thriller movies, here are the top 10 crime thriller Gujarati movies that you’ll enjoy watching and which will compel you to hold your breaths at times.

1. Raktbeej

A Gujarati film called Raktbeej launched on April 1st, 2022. Nisarg Trivedi Nisarg Trivedi is an Indian actor, music composer, >> Read More... Nisarg Trivedi , Kaushambi Bhatt Kaushambi Bhatt is an Indian actress who works pre >> Read More... Kaushambi Bhatt , and Denisha Ghumra Denisha Ghumra is an Indian- actress. Since her ch >> Read More... Denisha Ghumra played the main roles in the film, directed by Hardik J. Pareekh. Famous Indian novelist Aadhya Shodhan is stranded at a cafe with some unethical characters on a rainy night. They all have various reasons for wanting to kill. Will she make it through the night or will she be condemned?

2. Dhummas

Gujarati film Dhummas released on February 11th, 2022. The lead actors in the Kartavya Shah-directed film were Jayesh More Jayesh More is a Gujarat born, Indian actor and en >> Read More... Jayesh More , Kinjal Rajpriya Kinjal Rajpriya is an Indian actress. She was born >> Read More... Kinjal Rajpriya , Ojas Rawal Ojas Rawal is a popular actor. He was born in Rajk >> Read More... Ojas Rawal , and Chetan Daiya Chetan Daiya is an Indian- Actor. He primarily wor >> Read More... Chetan Daiya . This film's moral and superior portrayal of humanity will keep viewers intrigued and on the edge of their seats. Because things might change at any time in life, it's important to keep a positive attitude till the very last breath. A person should follow the law and conduct themselves correctly.

3. Blind Dates

On February 4, 2022, the Gujarati film Blind Dates was released. Akhil Kotak Akhil Kotak is a prominent Actor, Director, Produc >> Read More... Akhil Kotak , Pravin Padhariya, Ankita Dudhaiya, and Dimple Patel Dimple Patel is an Indian model-turned-actress who >> Read More... Dimple Patel played key roles in the Akhil Kotak-directed film. Sam is the main character of the mentally ill Sam in Blind Dates. He murders women who have an extramarital affair. Police apprehend him and question him to learn the real reason behind everything.


4. Justice

Gujarati film Justice released on February 26, 2021. The principal actors in the film, which was directed by Kapil Nathvani, included Griva Kansara, Gokul Bariya, Jitendra Thakkar Jitendra Thakkar is a writer, director, and actor >> Read More... Jitendra Thakkar , and Chetan Daiya. Yamini Joshi Yamini is a Gujarati Actress. Yamini was born on 1 >> Read More... Yamini Joshi and Vidhi Shah Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Vidhi Shah are two other well-known actresses that were brought on board for Justice. Problems that the protagonist faces daily can seem to represent what it means to be afflicted. We can assume that there is no God, wonder how to achieve inner harmony, and consider how to cope with such trying circumstances.


5. Raghu CNG

A Gujarati film titled Raghu CNG released on October 18, 2019. Ethan Wade Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ethan Wade , Chetan Daiya, Sharvary Joshi, and Jagjeet Singh Vadher played the main characters in the Vishal Vada Vala-directed film. Siddharth Gosai Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Siddharth Gosai and Kapil Sahetya Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Kapil Sahetya , two other well-known performers, were cast in Raghu CNG. The protagonist of the tale is Raghu Himself, a single psychotic human. Raghu is the only character who contributes to the narrative. The success of the film depends heavily on the kidnapped and killed characters. This crime and suspense drama movie is quite exciting.


6. Mr. Jasoos

A Gujarati film titled Mr. Jasoos was released on October 23, 2020. Bhakti Rathod Bhakti Rathod is an Indian TV actress who was born >> Read More... Bhakti Rathod , Ketankumar Sagar, Kalpesh Patel Kalpesh Patel is an Indian Film and Television Act >> Read More... Kalpesh Patel , and Harkrisha Dev played the main characters in the Kalp Trivedi-directed film. Based on the novel "JASOOS" by Kanu Bhagdev, Mr. Jasoos tells the story of a murder with more than three suspects, each of whom has a compelling reason for doing the crime. Discover how Mr. Jasoos, played by Vijay Mane, resolves a challenging case in the movie.


7. 47 Dhansukh Bhawan

A Gujarati film titled 47 Dhansukh Bhawan was released on July 26, 2019. Gaurav Paswala Gaurav Paswala is an Indian film industry actor. H >> Read More... Gaurav Paswala , Jay Bhatt Jay Bhatt is born and brought up in Gujrat, India. >> Read More... Jay Bhatt , Rishi Vyas Rishi Vyas, is an Indian Television actor as well >> Read More... Rishi Vyas , and Shyam Nair Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Shyam Nair played the main roles in the Naitik Raval-directed film. Over the weekend, Dhaval, a young man, travels to his former home with his older brother Rishi and Rishi's buddy Shyam. The idea is to get the house and its contents off the market as quickly as possible.


8. Short Circuit

This is the first sci-fi Gujarati film, and it's an interesting attempt with a lot of VFX and a formulaic plot. Samay, a typical IT worker, is caught up in a scientist's wicked scheme. He must fight back and end the time loop to save his love and the entire universe. For Gujarati movie fans, this is a good weekend watch.


9. Toh Lagi Sharat

On June 1, 2018, the Gujarati film Toh Lagi Sharat was released. Ronit Vaidya, Hardika Joshi Hardika Joshi is an Indian actress, who has predom >> Read More... Hardika Joshi , Jignesh Modi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Jignesh Modi , and Priyank Gajjar played the main roles in the Nitin Vaidya-directed film. A gamble between two friends turns violent, inspiring retaliation and deception. Everyone involved in the action is caught in the spider's web, making them all suspects and giving them all just for murder.

10. Cash On Delivery

A thriller is never simple to handle. However, Neeraj Joshi Neeraj Joshi is an Indian director who worked for >> Read More... Neeraj Joshi has managed to assemble a thriller that still thrills occasionally, and he also deserves praise for completing a movie without any songs. Malhar Thakar Malhar Thakar is an Indian actor and theatre-artis >> Read More... Malhar Thakar plays Siddharth, a 23-year-old e-commerce delivery lad, in this Gujarati film. During delivery, he becomes entangled in a web of unsolvable mystery, which leads to an exciting tale of intrigue, murder, and corruption.