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Rashi Rikshawwali Marathi TV SERIALS on Colors Gujarati
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Rashi Rikshawwali is a liked TV series, in Gujarati that airs on Colors Gujarati. It is praised for its captivating plot and the resilience of its character. The title when translated to English means "Rashi, the Rickshaw Driver." The show revolves around empowering themes like determination and breaking gender stereotypes. The story mainly focuses on Rashi's life portrayed by an actress. She is an ambitious woman living in a Gujarati society.

Despite facing restrictions and stereotypes she dreams of being independent and self-reliant. Rashi’s journey begins when she decides to become a driver a profession usually dominated by men. Her choice is met with resistance from her family and the community who see it as unconventional for a woman. Nevertheless, Rashis determination and courage drive her to pursue her aspirations. The show portrays Rashi's struggles, challenges, and victories as she navigates the complexities of her profession while confronting gender bias.

It emphasizes the importance of gender equality, by illustrating that women can excel in any field they choose. Throughout the series, Rashi undergoes professional growth. Her journey is truly inspiring for women who are dealing with pressures and expectations. It encourages them to follow their passions and pursue their ambitions. "Rashi Rikshawwali" is renowned for its developed characters reminding us that with determination and self-belief, we can overcome obstacles and bring about societal transformations. To learn more you can watch it on Colors Gujarati.

It revolves around the lives of two central characters, Shubh and Rashi. Rashi and Shubh have contrasting personalities, but their destiny has tied them together. Shubh is a young entrepreneur managing a cab company who meets Rashi, a Riksha driver. They both have nothing in common and bear resentment towards each other. The lives of Rashi and Shubh take a turn when they become aware of the Kundli Dosh in their astrological birth charts. The only solution to get rid of their Kundli Dosh is to get married to each other.

Despite their enmity, they had to get married. It is intriguing to watch- how Shubh and Rashi handle their marital life together. The serial takes the viewers on a roller-coaster ride. Imran Khan Pathan and Rashmin Majithia Bio coming soon... >> Read More... play the role of Shubh and Rashi. Jey Soni and Moin Kureshi Bio coming soon... >> Read More... play the role of supporting actors. Gradually, the viewers get to witness the character development in the serial. The serial has crossed over 1000 episodes and continues to entertain the viewers. The unexpected chemistry between Shubh and Rashi compels viewers to stay connected with the serial. The serial beautifully blends the social message of gender equality within the captivating storyline.


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Deeksha Joshi
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