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Top 10 Gujarati Garba Songs 2022

Author: Nithya Dharumaraj
Top 10 Gujarati Garba Songs 2022 Gujarati Article

Garba is a dance form that originated in the state of Gujarat. The Garba is done during the start of Navaratri. Navaratri is a form of festival in which Hindu feminine goddesses are worshiped. The dandiya nights are famous in Gujarat and people from different states and even countries come to Gujarat to enjoy the festival. Following are the famous Gujrati Garba songs in the year 2022:

1. Manda Lidha Mohi Raj

The latest Gujarati song Manda Lidha Mohi Raj sung by Umesh Barot and Ishani Dave Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Ishani Dave starring Mayur Chauhan Mayur Chauhan is a comedian, actor and, writer of >> Read More... Mayur Chauhan and Yukti Randeria Yukti Randeria is a famous emerging Indian actress >> Read More... Yukti Randeria . The new Song Manda Lidha Mohi Raj is part of the album Manda Lidha Mohi Raj released in 2022. The song is available on YouTube Music and JioSaavn. The song is available on YouTube Music and JioSaavn. Produced by Meet Kariya and Jay Kariya and directed by Vishal Vada Vala. The music of the song is given by Kedar and Bhargav.

2. Maa Pava Te Gadh Thi

The new Garba song Maa Pava Te Gadh Thi was released on 17 February 2022, from the album Tahukar-5 sung by Kirtidan Gadhavi. The song is recorded in the studio Saraswati by Kirtidan Gadhvi Kirtidan Gadhvi is an Indian singing artist who pr >> Read More... Kirtidan Gadhvi , and the music by Yogesh Purabiya Yogesh Purabiya is a music composer and folk singe >> Read More... Yogesh Purabiya . Lyrics of the song Maa Pava Te Gadh Thi written by Manu Rabri. The period of the song is 2 minutes 28 seconds.

3. Vevai Tara Orda 

Vevai Tara Orda is the new Gujarati song presented by Asha Music Digital and released on 9 May 2022 on the YouTube channel. The song Vevai is written by Dinesh Rao and sung by Sharavan Dabhi. The song has produced by Mukesh Joshi from the album Desi Dhol Sharnai Na Tale lagan Geet. The audio song has 17,518 views and the channel is subscribed by, 76k viewers.


4. Mata Taro Vishwas

The song Mata Taro Vishwas premiered on 9 April 2022 on the channel Saregama Gujarati, sung by Jignesh Barot. The song is written by Ranjan Rayka and Dhaval Motan and Directed by Dixit Chauhan. The Mata Taro Vishwas produced by Bhimani Production is the time of 5 minutes and 53 seconds. The song has been recorded by, Saregama India Limited and the editor of the melody is Kishor Rajput. The video song Mata taro Vishwas features Jignesh Barot, Saurabh Rajyaguru, and Neha Suthar.    


5. But Ma Biradvali Re

But Ma Biradavli Re is the song from the album But Maa Ni Chundadi-1. The new Gujarati Garba song was released on 5 April 2022 and sung by Arvind Barot Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Arvind Barot and Bhavna Rana Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Bhavna Rana . The music is inclined by Pankaj Bhatt Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Pankaj Bhatt , and the melody is recorded in the studio Sangeeta. But Ma Biradavli was produced by Girish Seth and Pankaj Seth. The lyrics were written by Arvind Barot.


6. Namu Tane Navdurga Maat

Another latest Gujarati sound track Namu Tane Navdurga Maat by Geeta Rabri premiered on 11 May 2022. The song is composed by Maulik Mehta and Rahul Munjariya Bio coming soon... >> Read More... Rahul Munjariya . The song is recorded at virtual studios by Krishna Sirgaonkar and Meet Mehta. The melody Namu Tane Navdurga Maat is presented by Sur Sagar Music channel with 802K subscribers with the song duration of 1 minute and 5 seconds. The lyrics of the song are written by Devraj Adroj and Bharat Ravat.


7. Sanedo Laal Sanedo

The Gujarati Garba song Sanedo Lal Sanedo is available on Sahiba Studios. Sanedo Lal Sanedo is the Gujarati Lok Geet sung by Lalitya Mushaw and Kishore Manraj released in 2022. The Indian folk song Sanedo Laal Sanedo is part of the, album Aye Halo. The song is available on various platforms Like Spotify, YouTube music, Apple music, Ganna, JioSaavn, Hungama, and Wynk. The album Aye Halo also includes many Indian songs like Avo To Shyam, Avo To, Achko Machko, Dholida Dhol, and many more.


8. Chunari

Chunari is the new Gujarati Garba song, composed and produced by Rahul Munjariya. The singer of the song Chunari is Himali Vyas Naik Himali Vyas Nayak, a Gujarati vocalist, began stud >> Read More... Himali Vyas Naik and the lyrics are written by Chintan Naik. Chunari DJ song was released on 9 July 2022 and has a total of more than 950000 views. The director of the Chunari is Deep Tachak, and the music has been one of the upbeat melodies of 2022.


9. Mandavadi

Mandavadi is the new Gujarati song released in 2022. The album contains the non-stop Garba songs soundtrack. The album is sung by Geeta Rabri, Devraj Gadhavi, and Vandana Gadhavi. Following are the tracks included in the Mandavadi Jay Hon Adhya Shakti, Dhol Na Taale Ganesh, Varse Bhale Vadali Ne, Dhanya Dhanyas Kutch Ni Dharni, Avi Rudo Aso Ni Navrat, Kholo Na Khundnar Dejo Randal Maa, and many songs. 

10. Rangtaali By Aishwarya Majumdar

Aishwarya Majumdar is one of the famous Garba song artists. Her lyrics and voice are awe-inspiring. One of her hit Garba song albums is Rangtaali. Following the response to Rangtaali, she released Rangtaali 2. The Navratri special songs have grabbed the attention of Garba song lovers.