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Other names : The Story Tales
Varta Re Varta  Gujarati WEB SERIES on Hungama Play

Varta Re Varta is a thriller drama web series in the Gujarati language produced by Nilanj Entertainment. It aims to provide entertainment in viewers' mother tongue. The show is about a young woman named Ria. She always focuses on crucial moments in her life. An average day for Ria starts with her mom calling as usual. Later episodes depict Ria enjoying her final days of freedom before her brother comes to live with her in LA, imposing more responsibility on Ria. Her brother surprises Ria by visiting earlier than expected, abruptly curtailing the freedom she had relished. Other plots cover Ria getting into a central argument with her brother Ronak when Ria scolds Ronak's date.

Later, Ria feels regretful about the fight with Ronak. During her birthday celebration, planned as a surprise by Ronak, Ria's mother finalizes her marriage to a man named Sahil. Ria grapples with having to stand up for herself and make the right decision about her life path. So, in summary, Varta Re Varta is a Gujarati thriller web series following a young woman named Ria through pivotal moments in her personal life and relationships that define her future.



Kinjal Rajpriya Gujarati Movie Actress
DOB: 23 September 1989
Kinjal Rajpriya
Hemang Dave Gujarati Supporting Actor
DOB: 2 January 1983
Hemang Dave
Ojas Rawal Gujarati TV-Actor
DOB: 1 January 1990
Ojas Rawal
Deeksha Joshi Gujarati Movie Actress
DOB: 4 December 1992
Deeksha Joshi
Mallika Sarabhai Gujarati Classical Dancer
DOB: 9 May 1954
Mallika Sarabhai