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Tuition is a series telecasted on the Oho Gujarati channel. This series is about teenagers, their love, and the impact of these feelings. Here it is about two students from class 12th. Pratik Parmar Pratik Parmar is an Indian Cinematographer who wor >> Read More... directs the series. The producers are Nayan Jain Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Abhishek Jain A 28-year-old director and the creator of CineMan >> Read More... , Amit Desai Amit Desai is a famous producer, known for produci >> Read More... , and Suryadeep Basiya Bio coming soon... >> Read More... . Pratik Parmar is also the cinematographer for the series.

The lead characters are Hardik and Swati. They fell in love with each other. The story of these two teenagers begins from their coaching class in Junagarh. Dhairya Thakkar plays Hardik and Sohni Bhatt plays Swati. The rest of the cast includes  Jay Vithlani Jay Vithlani is an accomplished actor from Jamnaga >> Read More... , Nilesh Parmar Bio coming soon... >> Read More... , Kavan Patel, Dr. Jignaba Rana, and Uday Sevak. The series has five episodes written by Dev Keshwala.

The series first telecasted on 13 August 2021. The series is grounded in a 90s tuition center. Hardik meets Swati and falls in love with her at first sight. The plot presents the life of Hardik and how it changes after meeting Swati. The storyline beautifully navigates the heartwarming love story of two young kids. The overwhelming experience of new love clouds the judgment ability of Hardik. Love has the power to make someone happy as well as destroy someone. Love is compassionate yet chaotic simultaneously, containing many bittersweet feelings. Each of the five episodes in the series represents a different emotion and different phases of love.

The episodes are named as- Attraction, Integration, Expansion, Differentiation, and Probability. In this journey, Hardik explores the true essence of love. He also encounters many complications that come attached with it. With each episode, the writers have skillfully brought up the challenges and emotions faced by people who have fallen in love. The actors played their roles artfully, which made the characters more vivid. Tuition series takes the viewers on a roller-coaster ride of emotions, filled with many nostalgic sentiments. If you like the concept of young romance and cute love stories, tuition is the perfect recommendation.


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Kinjal Rajpriya
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