Prashant Barot Hindi Actor
Other Skills

"Prashant Barot is an Indian Film actor who was born on 5th June 1968 in Visnagar, Gujarat and now he stays in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. He went N.M.Nootan Sarva Vidhyalaya School. He studied Textile Engineering from TEB Gujarat. His wife name is Bharati. He is interested in literature and music. He can play musical instruments like Flute, Mouth Organ, and Harmonium. He also has two sons named Gopal Barot and Shyam Barot.

He appears mostly in Gujarati Films. He was in about 80 TV shows and several theatre productions. Some of his famous movies are “Reva” which released in the year 2018, “Sharato Lago” which also released in 2018, Bhanwar which was released in 2017, “Union Leader” which also released in 2017, “Chor Bani Tangaat Kare” which released in 2017, “Armaan: Story of a Storyteller” which released in year 2017, “Bey Yaar” which released in the year 2014 and “Once upon a Time in Mumbai” which release in 2010. "