Top Hollywood Movies Dealing With Multiple Personality Disorder

Top Hollywood Movies Dealing With Multiple Personality Disorder English Article

Hollywood is always an inspiration for delving into films of different subjects. In fact, certain Hollywood films are so gripping that you won’t leave the theater without serious contemplation. And when I talk about serious contemplation, I mean those films which deal with depression, dissociative personality disorder, multiple personality disorder, etc., Here is a list of my favorite Hollywood films on Multiple Personality Disorder.

Henry Jekyll-Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde

When one thinks about MPD, this film will surely cross his/her mind. This film deals with the dual aspects of man. The original novel, “Strange case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” written by Robert Louis Stevenson has been filmed 123 times owing to its unique subject. All the films vary from the original novel, but the concept is the same. The 1931 flick, in which Fredric March acted, is considered to be the most popular adaptation of this novel. March is an amiable doctor and he believes that every human being has a good and an evil side. Therefore, he decides to make a medicine which would have the power of turning him into an evil man, when drunk; and the evil man does all the horrendous deeds. March played the role of the evil Hyde with perfection. The make-up of March was a credit to this film.

Mr. Brooks

Kevin Costner acting in the role of a patient of Multiple Personality Disorder? Strange, right? Surprisingly, he carried off the role with perfection in Mr. Brooks. This character tries to hide his nature as a serial-killer from others. In fact, his family doesn’t doubt that he is indeed an anti-hero. Earls Brooks’ character has the perfect blend of cruelty and humour. In this film, two different actors play Mr. Brooks. William Hurts also plays his part well. He takes on the role of the serial killer in the film.


Me, Myself and Irene

Jim Carrey acts well in certain roles and he seemed to be at ease in Me, Myself and Irene. He enacts the role of a very good guy with a streak of comedy in him. What made me empathize with this character was that his goodness was exploited and his suppressed anger began to burst out after which he sought revenge on those who harmed him. The transition of the character from the amiable Charlie to the depraved (but somewhat appealing) Hank is beautifully enacted by Carrey. This film is one of my personal favorites.