Top 10 English Novelists English Article
She is best known for her vampire romance series “Twilight.” She is an American young adult fiction writer. Blessed with her analyzing skills, she writes everything with luminous clarity. The sequel to Twilight ”New Moon”,” Eclipse”, “Breaking Dawn” has gained worldwide recognition all over the world.
 He is a Brazilian novelist known for his inspirational writings. He is considered one of the greatest writers best known for his quotes and thoughts he shares with his fans. His book”The Alchemist” does not need any introduction. He has written many books like “Brida,” “Like the flowing river,” “Eleven Minutes.”
3. Agatha  Christie
She is one of the English Crime writers who wrote nearly 66 detective novels. She is named as the  best-selling writer of all the times. She wrote the world’s longest-running play named as “The Mousetrap.” “And Then there were none” is Christie’s best novel.
He is a well-known name among readers who are fond of “Legal Thrillers.” He practiced criminal law from Mississippi State University. He began his writing in 1984. He won Galaxy British Books award. He is America’s favorite storyteller.
She has written more than 209 novels. She has been awarded RITA awards, Golden Medallion awards, and Quill Awards. She is one of the bold names in the lists of modern fiction authors.
Joanne Kathleen is known for her famous series, “Harry Potter”. She is the best story teller who introduces the magic of fairy tales and supernatural powers. Kathleen won the British author worldwide recognition and many more awards. 
He is named for his historical novels in many countries. He is number 1 in the New York Best Seller list. His first book “Eye of the needle” won him the Edgard Award.
He is an American author who made his name in horror, suspense and fantasy genres with the book like ‘ Carrie’, ‘the shining’, ‘IT’. He is a great novelist. He describes the inner side of his characters. He received many awards such as World Fantasy Awards for life achievement, the Canadian Booksellers Association Lifetime Achievement Awards, and the Grand Master Award.
He is America’s suspense novelist, writes everything with his heart and puts his soul into his script. He creates each and every page full of thrill, excitement, and suspense. He Wrote under some pen names including “David Axton,” “Leigh Nicholas” and “Brian Coffey.”
This American author writes with an excellent feel and tells about the most sensitive topic that is complexity in relationships. The author debuted with “Nineteen Minutes” which become #1 on the New York Bestseller list