Top 10 English Bloodiest Shows On Television

Top 10 English Bloodiest Shows On Television English Article

Nobody likes to see blood scattered all over. But ironically, TV shows have adopted this and are making the audience bewildered in their cozy seats. Having said that, let’s see such shows that are soaked in blood. 

10. Daredevil 

Usually, Marvel shows (shows that are inspired by Marvel comics) like The Flash and Arrow, which are made keeping in mind a younger audience, are not very violent. But with Daredevil, they took a different approach showing plenty of slashing and beating. Marvel certainly did not shy away from blood in this one following the gory comic on which the show was made.
9. American Horror Story


American Horror Story is a 45-minute horror series with plenty of blood and sex in it. More than the violence it’s the freakish atmosphere that is created throughout the show that makes it appear on this list. It's like a very mysterious environment involving lots of blood and freaks and also gay guys walking around in rubber suits, so yeah the show is disturbing.

8. Spartacus

Not a surprise inclusion as blood and stabbing and violence were very normal in the ancient Roman world. The show is about a gladiator who leads a large-scale slave rebellion. Adding to the violence, a lot of the violence is shown in slow motion with swords cutting through the human flesh showing every drop of blood coming out of the body making it even gruesome. 

7. Sons of Anarchy

The show is about a man trying to strike a balance between his stepson and being a part of a motorbike club. Sons of Anarchy has a lot of gory fist battles and gun battles. 
6. True Blood 

Well, it is not a surprise that True Blood is all about BLOOD. It's situated in a town where people consume blood because it gives them powers. And  to consume blood, you got to kill a lot of people. So basically, this show is all about the red. 

5. Dexter

Dexter is a show about a BLOOD spatter analyst working with the Miami Metro homicide department who helps them catch serial killers. He himself is a serial killer who cuts people into pieces using his tools and dumps them in the ocean. How much more blood do you expect?
4. Hannibal 

If one Dexter was not enough, we also have Hannibal. Similar to Dexter he is also a serial killer who helps a special agent catch serial killers, and he himself works as one. And to top it all he eats his victims after killing them. In fact, it has taken things to such an extent that the show has now been cancelled.
3. The Strain

The makers went back to a more violent approach for vampires stepping aside from the sexy vampires who blend in with the society and are becoming more popular nowadays just like in Supernatural. A team is trying to protect people from a virus that turns people into vampires. These vampires turn to the streets of Manhattan causing mayhem in the city. The team then fights back against these vampires/zombies.
2. Game of Thrones

Who hasn't seen Game of Thrones? It's brilliant, intriguing and has a theatre feel to it. Not on that, it has plenty of violence and a truckload of blood. It also shows violence against women for which it has often been criticized. It’s a show about power and more often than not, to gain power, violence is used which makes it one of the most violent shows.
1. The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is a show about people surviving a zombie apocalypse, and now, to survive a zombie apocalypse, you need to kill plenty of them. And well the Walking Dead is BLOOD; there is no show which splashes more blood around than the Walking Dead. In the pilot episode itself, they show a group of zombies tearing apart a horse and eating it. The show is certainly not for the weak-hearted. It is hands down the bloodiest show to be aired.