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Web Series are the latest favorites of Youngsters. Malayalam Web Series are unique, like their movies, and are popular among the younger generation. Ding Dong is one of the Web Series that was highly received by youngsters. It was premiered on Sub Originals’ YouTube channel. Valli is a popular Youth Malayalam Web Series that premiered on the Popcorn Stories YouTube channel. Almost all web series are available with Subtitles, so they receive a great reception. Unnam Marannu Thenni Parannu is a Malayalam web series on the SCube Films YouTube channel featuring Sreeram Ramachandran and Vikeesha Rao in the lead roles.

1. Ding Dong

Image Ding Dong is a Malayalam web series that ran from November 23rd ’21 to January 30th ’22. It premiered on the SUB Originals YouTube channel in Malayalam with English subtitles. The story revolves around three characters who get accidentally locked in a room. The entire show was shot inside one flat and mostly inside one room. The makers chose a smaller cast size, having only indoor scenes, and overall a smaller production out of necessity due to Covid-19. Shy yet furious Dalia and strong but always irritated Archana are flatmates. Archana is repairing the pair's apartment door, having asked their flat owner to send a carpenter but to no avail. Their third companion, Nitheesh, is introduced as their absentee flatmate, Nimmy...

2. Kadhaippoma

Image Kadhaippoma is a Malayalam web series. It premiered on the YouTube platform. Icon Stars production produced the series. Riyas Sidhik and Sudheesh Sudhakaran are the directors of the series. The series beautifully captures the essence of love, heartbreak, and the complexities of relationships. The story revolves around NP and Preetha, two individuals who meet in college. Preetha is the junior of NP. They interact in the college fest preparation and eventually fall in love. The initial episodes presented their budding romance, showcasing the tender moments and shared experiences that make their relationship unique. NP and Preeta go on road trips, cook together, and share man...

3. Valli-Malayalam

Image Valli is a web series that premiered on November 20th 2020, on the Popcorn Stories YouTube channel in Malayalam with English subtitles. The YouTube channel is an initiative channel that the director of the series, Anush Krishna Mohan, and his friends Thanveer Karim and Ambhu Yogi started. The story revolves mainly around a customer care office. Bhanu Prasad, belonging to a small town with a caring and gentle mother, is the protagonist. His friends Praveen and Aneeta also work at the same customer care firm, and the plot revolves around the three friends and their work at the firm. Aneeta has a crush on Bhanu but faces challenges regarding the romance throughout the series. The story, at its core, is a light-hearted and funny take on the ...

4. Unnam Marannu Thenni Parannu

Image Unnam Marannu Thenni Parannu (2022) is a Malayalam web series on the YouTube channel managed by SCube Films. Pramod Mohan directed the series while Geevarghese V R edited it. Sreeram Ramachandran, Vikeesha Rao, Vinod Thomas, Mridula Madhav, Yassar, and Biveesh Balan M make up the cast. Pramod Mohan co-wrote the series with Harshad Chembakassery. Aromal Chekaver contributed to the original music score. The 6-episode web series narrates the story of a couple, Rithu and Siju. The couple had many chance encounters before they date. This gives the viewers a taste of linking fate and love together. But, because of misunderstandings, Rithu asks Siju for an extended break from their relationship. The story follows the couple as they reminiscence...

5. Mates

Image Story soon ...

6. Scoot

Image Story soon ...

7. With Love From Bangalore

Image Story soon ...

8. Jin & Johny

Image Story soon ...


Prejish Prakash Malayalam Editor
Born: 24 February 1986

Age Now 38

Prejish Prakash - (Editor)

Aswathy Sreekanth Malayalam TV-Actress
Born: 24 February 1986

Age Now 38

Aswathy Sreekanth - (TV-Actress)

Onima Kashyap Malayalam Model
Born: 24 February 1995

Age Now 29

Onima Kashyap - (Model)


Chitra Shenoy Malayalam TV-Actress
Born: 23 February 1978

Age Now 46

Chitra Shenoy - (TV-Actress)

Eden Kuriakose Malayalam Movie Actress
Born: 23 February 1987

Age Now 37

Eden Kuriakose - (Movie Actress)

Stephen Devassy Malayalam Musician
Born: 23 February 1981

Age Now 43

Stephen Devassy - (Musician)

Sashi Kumar Malayalam Journalist
Born: 23 February 1952

Age Now 72

Sashi Kumar - (Journalist)

Liju Krishna Malayalam Director
Born: 23 February 1992

Age Now 32

Liju Krishna - (Director)