Niharika Konidela was born on 18th December 1993 in Hyderabad of Telangana state. She has the ethnicity of Telugu, and it is her mother tongue. She is a very popular TV anchor, and she is pretty amazing with her gestures in anchoring. She got a lot of fan followers in a short span of time, and she is known for her presentation skills. She is much adored by the audiences and her fans. She has recently got an offer to act in a movie in which pre-production work has been going on.

She has a unique style of anchoring in the Television channels. Her father is Nagendra Babu, who is a big icon in the Tollywood film industry. He is a very famous producer and actor in the Telugu film industry. Niharika has a good cinema background that besides her uncles namely Chiranjeevi and Pawan Kalyan. Chiranjeevi is a Telugu Superstar, and Pawan Kalyan is a prominent actor. Thus, she established herself as an actress in a movie namely ' Oka Manasu.'

The movie Oka Manasu is not yet released, and still production works are going on. She is anticipated to act well in the movie and thus prove herself as an actress. Before her advent into the movie, she showed her skill as a Telugu, channel anchor. She anchored the ETV Telugu reality show namely Dhee Juniors. She became the reason and contributed towards the popularity of the show apart from its original being.

She grabbed a huge fan base just out of her anchoring style. She has then turned out to be a stunning actress. She is doing the lead role in the movie namely Oka Manasu. She is currently featuring in the youtube web series, and she propagates it as Aasha Rao. The web series is named as Muddapappu Avakai and it got so viral apparently. The trailer of the web series got released on October 2015.




Sangeeta was born near the district of Vishakapattanam in Andhra Pradesh. She started her career in the Telugu film industry as early as 1975. Sangeeta mainly acted in Telugu movies since she rose to fame through her performance in dramas hosted during her school days and at local temples. Soon as she got introduced to the film industry, she was lucky enough to procure the lead role in a Telugu film known as ‘Mutyala Muggu,’ which was released in 1975. The film was a strategical adaptation of Uttara Ramayana, in which Raman sacrifices Sita on the advice of various people. In ‘Mutyala Muggu’ Sangeeta plays the role of a young girl whose marriage fails right at the wedding ceremony and due to unfortunate circumstances that follow, she is married off then and there to a family relative, whose marriage is fixed to another girl. Sangeeta played the role of a young, timid, shy yet highly courteous girl with much conviction. The story takes an unexpected turn when Sangeeta discovers a pot of jewels from a well. Though Sangeeta has worked in nearly twenty films, her first film is her most recognized work. Apart from Telugu, she has also worked in a few Malayalam as well as Tamil movies. Her second film ‘Chilakamma Cheppindi’ features her opposite the Rajnikanth, the superstar himself. The film got released in 1977, and it was an adaptation of the Malayalam movie titled ‘Adimakal’. In the movie, Sangeeta plays the role of a simple music teacher residing in a rural village. She leads her own life independently and supports a sibling. She has an aversion to men or relationships in general. Sangeeta portrays the character of the stubborn teacher with so much perfection even though it required an entirely different method of acting compared to her earlier movie. The fact that she could adapt to entirely different methods of acting shows her versatility.

Sangeeta Telugu Actress