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Sravana Sameeralu Telugu Tv serials on Gemini tv
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Sravana Sameeralu is another hit serial from Manjula Naidu Manjula Naidu is the director and story writer in >> Read More... , who is known for contemporary serials. The story revolves around two families which happen to meet each other and later realizes to be close relatives. Suraj who is an industrialist is from a rich family. The head of the family Suraj’s grandmother meets Indulekha in a wedding and asks her to marry his grandson Suraj. When Indulekha agrees to marry Suraj, she feels happy and tells Suraj about Indulekha. Suraj, from his grandmother, knows that Indulekha agreed for marriage with him.

In real Indulekha is the girl who Suraj loved earlier. Later, when Suraj’s grandmother comes to know about Indulekha’s sister, she cancels the proposal. She then tries to convince Suraj to marry Pooja, Suraj’s friend from childhood. Pooja is daughter of famous criminal lawyer and who is a lawyer herself. Knowing about the friendship bond between Pooja and Suraj, Pooja’s father wants to turn that friendship into a marriage bond. However Pooja is in love with Arjun, Suraj’s elder brother who stays in the village nearby.

Arjun doesn’t have a proper education but he is good at heart and he helps everyone in the village to get out of their problems. Arjun’s good will wins hearts of villagers. However Arjun’s grandmother hates him and for that reason Arjun never stays at Suraj’s house. Though he stays out of the house Arjun always protects the family from the rivals and their witty plans. On the other side, the girl from the opponent’s family loves Arjun for his good nature.

Yet Arjun’s feelings for Pooja get exposed when Pooja gets kidnapped by her father’s enemy and Arjun saves her. Another important twist comes in the series when Karuna, family friend of Pooja realizes that Arjun is her brother’s son who left them years ago. The story continues with twists and turns and how all the main characters Suraj, Arjun, Induleka and Pooja marry whom they love is the plot of the story. Series is telecasted on Gemini daily from Monday to Friday at 8.30 Pm


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