Saravanan Meenatchi which is still air on air on Vijay TV, every character in this drama series still remains the household name in Tamil Nadu, The serial has garnered huge popularity, and every leading and supporting actor in the serial has caught the attention of viewers in Tamil Nadu. One such actor was Mirchi Sha who narrated the role of Shah in it was considered as an additional cast in the TV series. Mirchi Sha is a teenage actor and he was featured in the season-1 of the series in an additional cast.

Later on, the actor caught up the attention in promoting events, music and even got to act in some Tamil movie. He recently visited Spain but doubted jokingly if he could communicate well with the public over there as he does not know any other language other than Tamil. The actor was seen in the movie ‘ Pencil Click to look into! >> Read More... Pencil ’ which released in May 2016. This movie received a better response from critics as well as the audience. In addition, the actor Mirchi Sha had narrated the role of Napoleon in the movie.