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Telugu Director Venu Sri Ram
Written By - Team Nettv4u

Venu Sri Ram is an Indian film director, popular amongst the audience for his work in movies like Oh My Friend Click to look into! >> Read More... (2011), MCA Middle-Class Abbayi (2017), Arya (2004), Munna (2007), etc.

Mostly known for his predominant involvement in Tollywood movies, TV shows and dramas, he has often been praised for his transitions and an eye for details. In 2004, Venu made his first notable contribution on the silver screen as a director, when he assisted Sukumar in the directorial department of the film Arya, starring Allu Arjun The actor was born to producer Allu Arvind and Nir >> Read More... and Anuradha Mehta.

Since then, Venu has been a part of various projects on the big as well as the small screen. Recently, it was revealed that Veenu will direct the upcoming movie Yevado Okadu.


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