Sai Kiran Sai Kiran is an Indian actor who is known for his >> Read More... Sai Kiran adivi is a director and producer who works in the Indian film industry particularly in Telugu cinema. He has done only a few films still has been well known in the industry. Sai own's a production house named my dream cinema private limited and is its chief executive officer. Sai Kiran adivi is the son of Mr. adivi kanakaraju and late Mrs. adivi Subba Ratnam.

Both of his parents were writers who also inspired sai to write scripts and enter filmmaking. His interest in filmmaking made him come to Hyderabad from Kakinada in 1999. Later he got his first picture in 2004. Before his first film, he made various documentaries.

Sai debuted his career with the movie anand in 2004. He was the part of the direction team of Sekhar kammula who directed the movie. Released on 15th October the plot of the picture revolved around a girl whose family dies in a car accident after which she begins to live her life independently until a rich guy falls for her and shifts into her neighborhood to win her.

The film received positive reviews from the critics and viewers. Following this, he worked with the direction team of happy days. Happy days was a comedy which released on 2nd October 2007. Directed by Sekhar kammula again the film is based on eight friends who stand by each other whatever be the situation.

This picture too received nice reviews. Sai acted, wrote, produced and directed for the first time in 2008 with the movie vinayakudu. Vinayakudu is a romantic film revolving around a big fat man named karthick who falls for a lady Kalpana while working with her in Hyderabad but she doesn't feel for him. The picture received a good response. Following this he again wrote, directed and produced another film titled villagelo vinayakudu in 2009.

Village vinayakudu is again a love story between a fat, overweight man and a girl named kavya. The storyline revolves around how he tries to impress her family. The picture got an average response. Later after a long gap of five years, Sai came up with kerintha on 12th June 2015.

Kerintha is based on friendship and love and is a story of four friends who help one among them in his love life with a girl of a different background. This film too got average reviews. Sai won Nandi award in the category of best first film.