Other names of Lakshmipati: Lakshmipathi
Lakshmipati Telugu Actor

Lakshmipathi was a Telugu actor who was best known for his comedy roles in movies. Lakshmipati was the elder brother of director Shobhan, who was very well known for hit movie Varsham. The actor had started his career as a television anchor and a comedy artiste. Lakshmipathi was an amazing comedian and very well famous for his work. The actor made his move into cinema in 2002 with the movie Bobby, which was produced by K. Krishna Mohan Rao and directed by Lakshmipathi brother Shobhan.

In the film the actor played the role of a home minister. The actor had worked in many movies. The actor died of a cardiac attack in his home bathroom. The actor passed away a few days after his brother Shobhan’s death. The sudden death of both the brothers was not alone a shock to their family but also to their audience whom they had given some good performances to remember.